Wedding Journal for July


I love weddings, I do. 

Where else do you get to fling flowers up in the air?   There is something glorious about a celebration, dressing up, taking vows, sharing food, taking pictures.  In the casualization (made that word up!) of our culture we find ourselves with very little ceremony in our lives. Besides it’s jolly good fun!  It takes a lot of work, but the rewards are wonderful.

Last week’s wedding was unique for us: my husband was the officiant!  The groom has been our friend since 1981 and he wanted the person tying the knot to be personally connected.


Have you seen a Unity Sand ceremony?  The bride and groom pour their sand into a common vessel, a visual representation of oneness of the couple.


Blessings, our friends, on your marriage.


1 thought on “Wedding Journal for July

  1. I saw a sand ceremony for the first time at my niece’s wedding. I didn’t think much of it. Then, my other niece married, and she also used a sand ceremony. However, she and her husband combined sands from each of their homelands—Maine and Australia. That was entirely more meaningful and beautiful!

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