Quinoa Salad


Quinoa Salad

Cooked quinoa

Add chopped:
 cucumbers (I used English)
onion (green or white or red)
bell pepper (red, yellow, green)
tomato (fresh or sun-dried)
olives (black or Kalamata)

Salt and pepper
Vinegar and Oil dressing

I had Quinoa Salad (KEEN-wah) at a rehearsal dinner and loved it.  It looked different than mine pictured above, because the cook very finely chopped the veggies in her salad.  I’m a coarse-chop girl. I understand that  Quinoa is a complete protein and is gluten free.  I’m delighted to add to my meager repertoire of  GF recipes.  Quinoa only takes 15 minutes to cook, it’s a whole grain and very versatile. 

As I made this salad it dawned on me that, aside from the quinoa, it features all the ingredients for a lovely stir-fry.  So this is my summer stir-fry dish!  When I eat it, I pretend I’m Lebanese.  (I know that’s neurotic, but there it is.) I could make a large bowl of this salad and have lunches for a week.  Yum!



8 thoughts on “Quinoa Salad

  1. sounds very interesting! first time I hear about it – we normally have couscous – but I googled and saw that quinoa is actually not a wheat… will be on the lookout for it (also reducing wheat/grain in our diet – except for the bread that I bake

  2. Your quinoa salad looks delicious!  Now I’ll have to make some for us.I’m so glad you got Island of the World and look forward to hearing what you think of it.  I have O’Brien’s other books set aside like treasure waiting to be discovered.I’m intensely curious about your curiosity regarding Freya Stark.  I have  A Winter in Arabia, but have not read it yet.  Are you reading books by her?  Planning to?  Titles?  (Am I nosy?)

  3. @LauraLLD – Laura, I’m so enamored at the moment with Colin Thubron’s travel writing.  I read Among the Russians, and am in the middle of The Lost Heart of Asia (about the five independent states: Turkostan, Uzebekistan, etc.)  I learn a new vocabulary word about every three pages and the phrases he uses are sparkling.  It is not easy reading, but it is immensely rewarding.What I especially appreciated in the Russia book is how he made the connection that the secularism of the Soviet state was their religion.  I plan to read In Siberia, Behind the Wall (China), one on Damascus and a book on the Silk Road. The first book I read of his was fiction: Falling.  Didn’t like it.  Even though George Grant recommended it!  Because I’m me, I have to research into who this person whose writing can make me howl with delight.  And I read that the two travel writers he looks up to are Freya Stark and someone else.  Freya Stark is on the edge of my radar.  I’ve read her name before.  So I’m curious.  I don’t even know a title in my head.Honestly, the pile next to my bed is completely unmanageable.  My boss has given me three books to read (why is it when it is not your choice you aren’t all that excited about reading a book?) and I have a stack in our guest bedroom of PBS titles to read.  But I’m curious!And I just have to read O’Brien this summer.  I know already that the reading of that one book will add seven more to my TBR pile.  Do you think there is a way I could get paid to read and blog all day long?  (smile)

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