When my new doctor entered the exam room, she caught me in the act of writing in my journal.  In her lovely Southern drawl, she peppered me with questions, one of which was “Have you published?”

“No…um…but I blog?” was my lame answer.

“Really?” with the inflection going down, she made it sound like she really! was interested.  “What do you blog about?” 

The answer, my friend, was most definitely not….appliances. 

A stove is a banal topic, I grant you.  Ho. Hum.  But, when 1982 was the last time one has purchased a new major appliance it’s a big deal!  And I’m happy to tell you I love my new gas stove.  I love the crackling sound when you first turn a burner on, I love the flame that bursts forth, I love the control of fine-tuning the size of the flame, I love to sauté, I love to braise, I love to bake, I love to cook. 

Instead of four elements, I now have five burners.  Instead of three rack placements in the oven, I now have five.  I. have. a. warming. oven. (Never mind that I don’t know what to do with it yet.)  Color me happy!

And the best thing about this exchange?  Since our friend came and took the old (non-self cleaning) stove for scrap metal, I didn’t have to clean it!  Booyah!


11 thoughts on “So Far, SO GOOD

  1. It’s gorgeous!  Steve keeps on telling me that when our electric stovetop dies he’s going to replace it with gas – but the cussed thing will probably live forever just to spite us!

  2. I still love my new stove.  I “ordered” a new washing machine yesterday, ours is circa 1988.  I can’t wait, It sounds like I am perpetually washing bowling balls in my old one.

  3. Ahhhh! Blessing after blessing after blessing! Be blessed as you cook, as you set the self cleaning feature, as you light it up and as you continue to love it!

  4. Contented *sigh*, happy smile- may you bless many more people with your generous and warm hospitality.  (Wait till you get the hang of your warming oven…it will come in quite handy.)

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