I Love a Good Wedding

A young friend of mine (a former student) was married on Saturday.  Loree’s wedding to Andrew was simply splendid.

It began with multiple groups of grandparents processing down the aisle to Moonlight Sonata.  Exquisite music.  I immediately thought, “Why have I never played this for a wedding before?”  When we thanked the pianist after the ceremony, Summer said “I told Loree that I regretted getting married without a bit of Debussy.” 

The kiss: what I loved is the look Andrew gave Loree–a full thirty seconds I’d guess–drinking in her smile before the kiss.  We got the sense that this remarkable young man is deliberate in all he does.

The knot: the two fathers brought up a large coil of nautical-grade rope.  The bride and groom took these two ropes and made a lover’s knot.

After the bride and groom tied the knot the wedding party all tugged on the rope to tighten the knot.  It was festive and fun!

A favorite moment was meeting Andrew at the end of the receiving line.   Smiling, he extended his hand and was genuinely pleased to meet Curt and me.  But when Loree leaned into him and said, “She wrote the words,” Andrew changed into hug mode.  Of course the words are not my words, but a quote I wrote in a card.

Here are the words.

All kinds of things rejoiced my soul in the company of my friends–
to talk and laugh and do each other kindnesses;
read pleasant books together,
pass from lightest jesting to talk of the deepest things and back again;
differ without rancor, as a man might differ with himself,
and when most rarely dissension arose
find our normal agreement all the sweeter for it;
teach each other and learn from each other;
be impatient for the return of the absent,
and welcome them with joy on their homecoming;
these and such like things,
proceeding from our hearts
as we gave affection and received it back,
and shown by face, by voice, by the eyes,
and a thousand other pleasing ways,
kindled a flame which infused our very souls
and of many made us one.
This is what men value in friends.

~ St. Augustine


10 thoughts on “I Love a Good Wedding

  1. Thank you for “the words”. :)For anyone who wants a more specific reference than just “St Augustine” though, the passage is from Augustine’s Confessions, Book IV.  In the well known Penguin translation by Pine-Coffin it is on page 79.  Augustine’s capacity to feel so deeply is as amazing to me as the profundity and scope of his intellect.  Confessions is well worth reading.  (There was also a missionary to England called Augustine, but he must not be confused with this Augustine who, delightfully, was bishop of  Hippo, now known as Bone, in Algeria.)

  2. Thank you for another quote to add to my collection!!! And weddings…well, weddings touch my heart in so many remarkably different ways, all good. There is such hope for new life in a wedding, in the faces and eyes of the bride and groom for each other, that it can’t help but renew all our hopes for the future, for the promises God has made to each of us. Thank you for sharing this.

  3. What a great visual for young  and old not only about the man & wife binding themselves together, but the job of the friends to strengthen their relationship as well, and not try to pull it apart. Loved this post!

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