Not Ashamed

Our dear friend, Stephen Bump, puts words to music whenever he studies the Bible.  He doesn’t have a CD, nor does he promote the songs, but they have been sweet to the congregations who sing them. 

When I rerun Chris and Jessie’s wedding (oldest son), two songs come to mind.  My brother filling the upper space of the room with The Lord’s Prayer, the soaring notes of for Thine is the kingdom bringing tears to those around us.

In contrast, the other song was quiet, a song of benediction, written and sung by Steve, with his acoustic guitar. 

Now I commit you to God, to the Word of His grace,

which can build you up with the rest of the saints.

This morning we sang Not Ashamed in which the epistle to the Romans is condensed into seven verses.  Here is one section of the song. When my flesh is whining and demanding, I’m going to say, “Not obliged, pal.” 

In Christ no obligation to satisfy the flesh.

In Christ no condemnation as the slaves of righteousness.

We’re free to serve our Master, our new Father and our God,

Who has freely bestowed His salvation.



3 thoughts on “Not Ashamed

  1. Thanks Mrs. Bakker! I loved singing this today, particularly that verse. It’s one of my favorite Steve Bump songs! “No obligation”…how glorious! The truth sets us free!

  2. I have a friend who often says, “The flesh is a baby.”  So true!I love old music but life would be only 2 dimensional if we didn’t balance it with freshly inspired music as well.  A person like Stephen is a breath of fresh air to a congregation of worshiping saints.

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