Goodbye My Friend

One of the hazards of working with an aging and ailing clientele (I work at a local pharmacy) is facing that hideous monster death who snatches patients away. 

My favorite customer died yesterday.

We never met face to face; ours was a telephone relationship.  I used to cringe when he first called because he had a speech impediment which required very careful listening.  Eventually I tuned into his talk and we conversed freely.  Looking back, I am thankful for the billing problems that provided opportunities for regular phone calls.

He wore an overcoat of dignity, a suit of humility accented with a scarf of serenity.  And underneath was a heart devoted to the care of his Momma. 

His eyes were blind, but I tell you, they twinkled

His speech was garbled but his chuckle won me over. 

Though we only spoke, he touched me.

Oh, my friend, would you be surprised that I cried when I heard you were gone?

Rest in peace.


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