Ersatz is one of my new favorite words.  It only became mine a few months ago.  A German words, it means:

Artificial or inferior substitution or imitation

Here’s the word in a sentence.

Because of the ersatz Christmas carols blaring from the store’s ceiling, I prefer to shop online. 

This is a season of joy, but there are abundant examples of artificial ick that just come out tinny.  When heaven and nature sing don’t you believe it is something that could be accurately described as…music?  Today I’m getting out the Christmas music and the first one to be played will be the orchestral overture of Handel’s Messiah followed by a tenor singing Comfort Ye.

Repeat the sounding joy!


10 thoughts on “Ersatz

  1. The needle finally broke on our stereo yesterday.  sigh.  Most of the songs on the records are ‘real’ Christmas music. I miss the carols already.(I think that the needle must have broken on that one dumb song about the donkey…)

  2. I love listening to my Josh Groban Christmas CD on my way to and from places in the car. I had to give my dad all the rest of the classical Christmas music! I decided that Michael’s has fairly nice Christmas music this year, though. And I went to a church Christmas Festival of Carols last night that was absolutely wonderful and inspiring, too.

  3. The Collegium Records website is full of gorgeous Christmas music.  Truly wonderful music, truly beautiful English choirs~the best kind.   Oh, and did you know you can buy recordings of the Nine Lessons and Carols?  I got one a couple years ago on Amazon, and it quickly became one of my very favorite Christmas CD’s.Carol, I agree with you about the ersatz (love that word!) music that is being piped all over the place.  I makes it painful to go shopping!

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