Frosting, Still Life, Chariots

photo by Donna Boucher, used by permission
~  When I’m in a car, I muse on metaphors.  I see pleats in geography, accordions in foothills, belts in highways, down comforters in clouds.  On Sunday, the fields were white with frost, a typical late November morning.  My mind was groping for the right trope: sheets of chocolate cake with buttercream frosting. 

It was an aha! moment.  Frost → frosting.  Ice → Icing   Sweet!
Schindler’s List (*now* we may watch the movie) is a haunting read.  People dodged death one afternoon even though it was likely they wouldn’t escape the next morning.  “An hour of life is still life.”  To hold hope so tight… 
A Commandant’s morning routine was to go outside, stretch, pick up a rifle and pick off a prisoner.  The choice of victim was so random, mindless, unpredictable.  The recent Tacoma police shooting is yet another random, rattling, needless killing.   
~  Here is a hymn snippet: On the first Sunday of Advent while singing Lift Up Your Heads, Ye Mighty Gates we came to these lines.

A Helper just he comes to thee,
His chariot is humility.

We all have heard of Chariots of Fire.  You may know Psalm 20, “Some trust in chariots, some in horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God.”  Chariots are often dazzling, splashy, flashy ways to arrive and leave.  But a chariot of humility?  What does that look like?  And why would a King of Glory ride in a chariot of humility?

This picture is challenging me. 

I naturally want my arrival to be noticed, a few more ta-DA moments, please!  Even in thinking about how I could choose the transportation of humility, I tend to romanticize the idea.  Any thoughts about chariots of humility?     



9 thoughts on “Frosting, Still Life, Chariots

  1. Maybe the Ethiopian eunuch was riding in a chariot of humility when he allowed Philip to join him.  After all, Philip was a refugee at the time, recently kicked out of his home (Acts 8.1) and since then he had been running along a dusty desert road, so might not have been in tip top shape to join the Ethiopian’s Cadillac.But the Ethiopian admits to this guy who has turned up unexpectedly that he does not understand what he is reading, and later allows Philip to baptize him…

  2. We’re living in a culture where Image is Everything- no wonder we can’t easily envision a chariot of humility!Application, once that Godly chariot is thought-out, might make a man change his truck, or a woman her wardrobe…What’s your definition of humility?  Mine is “seeing a person just as God sees them/me- not too high, not too low”.  Maybe a chariot of humility is a transport that allows me to bring others to my level, so we can share the journey together?  As He lifts me to Himself so we can go through life together?

  3. “His chariot is humility”~~Jesus, the second Person of the Trinity without whom nothing in this entire vast universe was made, took on human flesh.  The Creator took on His creation and humbled Himself to live in the dust, grime, and mire of this fallen world and to die a pitiless, shameful death for those who scorn Him.  The King of Glory gave up His glory and humbled Himself to be born of a woman and to dwell among us as one of us.  That’s the ultimate picture of humility.

  4. From my husband, who does not do Xanga: Regarding humble chariot:  When He comes to us as Helper, He comes as a strong and powerful Warrior–in a chariot.  But the fact He is coming to help ‘us’, demands that He must humble Himself to do so.  Anytime He helps His creatures, He must lower Himself (Philippians 2). From me:  thanks for the comments.  You’ve given me more to chew on!

  5. “And you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ that, Though He was rich, He became poor that you through His poverty might become rich”I agree with the incredible concept of the Creator of the Universe becoming flesh as a picture of a Chariot of humility….And became obedient, even to the point of death on a cross. I do love your metaphors to the frost-kissed face of the moon.

  6. I am thinking that a chariot is a means of getting where we want to go…and humility is the vehicle that gets us to our goal:  Christ Likeness.  Does that make sense?Perfect Miz Booshay picture for your post.  It’s a favorite.Love,DI

  7. Paradoxical, like Num 12:3 – Now the man Moses was very meek….. Meek by today’s terminology seems incongruous to the character of Moses.  However, I love Ps 20, and esp 24.  JCM’s sermons on them communicated the majesty our Warrior King.  From my Advent devotional this morning, compliments of George Whitefield -Let us consider our duty in the true observation of Christmas; of the right way for the glory of God, and the good of immortal souls, to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.Missing your regular postings, I’m remembering our IRL meeting at Lindsey’s wedding just two short years ago.  Next month, I’m looking forward to attending Jordan’s in Kansas CIty MO!  Also, your son & DIL have an anniversary soon, right?

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