Nice Cup of Tea and a Sit Down


My sister-in-law first introduced me to PG Tips, which for me is synonymous with British Tea.  PG Tips is first choice among some choice local friends.   So when Angie reviewed this book, it was a given that I’d read it. 

The cover of the book shows oodles of biscuits [cookies in America] and no tea!  Well then.  The bits about tea bookend the book about biscuits.  Because biscuit appraisal is in Nicey’s blood.  Unfortunately, I have no interest in biscuits.  But I read the book because Nicey is quite funny and the whole book was a lovely taste of England. 

In short, this was a pleasant read.  If you want to get a taste of Nicey and Wifey, check out their website. Or take a nibble of these quotes.

Anyway, a nice cuppa while sitting down is the cornerstone of British society,
possibly even more important to us than television or queuing up for things.

Indeed, tea without biscuits is a missed opportunity.

The first thing you notice about an All Butter biscuit is that it is not all butter.
If it were, it would indeed be butter, and therefore suitable for spreading on toast.

Oats have long been a valuable source of sustenance
for both mankind and the Scottish.

The wafer is one of the many varied techniques whereby the food industry
persuades us to buy and consume air.

Oh dear, oh dear.
It’s the biggest-selling biscuit on the planet
and it doesn’t even know it is a biscuit.
The Oreo is baked across the world by Nabisco,
the name being a contraction of
‘The National Biscuit Company’ of the USA.


3 thoughts on “Nice Cup of Tea and a Sit Down

  1. lol….I saw this on your Facebook newsfeed and clicked over right away to tell you I enjoyed that book. I’d forgotten that I mentioned it before! Hope they start updating their site again soon.I have to confess that I make my tea the lazy, instant-gratification-American way: drop a tea bag in a mug. Fill 2/3 with water, top off with milk. Microwave 1:50 (or so, depending on your microwave). Let sit a minute more, remove bag, and enjoy.  Lazy…but it works for me. I prefer to save the snobbishness for my coffee making.

  2. Never enjoyed tea more since I started drinking PG Tips.  Plus learned from a true Brit to put milk in the bottom of my cup first (then bag, then boiling water);  – actually didnt believe him that the milk wouldnt curdle – and, like I said, have never enjoyed breakfast tea more.BTW I have mine with oats, skipping biscuits all together 

  3. @My_name_is_Angie –  I have never heard of your way of making tea!  I *knew* why you liked this book when I saw the genre next to the ISBN: Humor.  Actually, Humour!  I have several books on my shelf because you’ve recommended them.  One that comes immediately to mind is Between Silk and Cyanide by Leo Mark.  @hiddenart – I’ve made my tea your way a few times since you wrote about it in your blog, Dana.  But my usual MO is to brew a pot of tea straight.  I agree on skipping the biscuits!

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