Larsson’s Letter Writing



Letter Writing, 1912 Carl Larsson (1853-1919)

The thick braid, the pewter candle holder, leggy geraniums, artwork hung low, extra chair in the corner, the posture of concentration:  I love it all.   Thank you, Kathleen.  I love you, too!



2 thoughts on “Larsson’s Letter Writing

  1. Oooo, I love it too!  I’ve seen some of Larsson’s other paintings (well, not in person), and I was immediately drawn to his style and subjects.  I haven’t seen this one before.  Thank you for sharing!P.S.  Why don’t women wear clothes like that anymore???

  2. I know several young ladies who wear clothes like that now, it is delightful!  I love, love Larsson!  I don’t recall this one, though, thanks for sharing it.I missed your birthday, I think, have a wonderful year!

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