Huckleberry Find

The forecast is for a smokin’ hot afternoon.
Whatcha gonna do?

Go up in elevation and pick huckleberries, that’s what.
After a morning of worship and a picnic lunch,
our friends Matt and Carol (with their newbie son Isaac)
shared their secret spot with a few friends. 

Generous folks. 
Anyone who brings a huckleberry pie to a potluck
is generous beyond the beyonds.


Huckleberries are very small and don’t grow in clusters.
It took Curt and I all afternoon to pick one gallon.

Tip of the day: Huckleberries have so much flavor,
you can mix them with blueberries in recipes to stretch them.

Caught red-handed!


2 thoughts on “Huckleberry Find

  1. Not sure why i’m no longer getting notification of your posts in my email, so i’m playing catch up! Yum. looks mighty good! And “football baby”, how sweet!!!!

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