Training for Heaven

Good hymns are an immense blessing to the Church of Christ.  I believe the last day alone will show the world the real amount of good they have done.  They suit all, both rich and poor.  There is an elevating, stirring, soothing, spiritualizing effect about a thoroughly good hymn, which nothing else can produce.  It sticks in men’s memories when texts are forgotten. 

It trains men for heaven, where praise is one of the principal occupations.  Preaching and praying shall one day cease forever; but praise shall never die.  The makers of good ballads are said to sway national opinion.  The writers of good hymns, in like manner, are those who leave the deepest marks on the face of the Church.

~ J. C. Ryle (1816-1900)


3 thoughts on “Training for Heaven

  1. So true! Words of hymns that I memorized as a child are still fresh in my mind today. “‘Tis so Sweet to Trust in Jesus” is such a comfort when life gets a bit overwhelming. And that is just one example of many. 

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