Eric Bibb Again!

Seeing Eric Bibb in concert was one of the great moments of 2008, a magical evening.  We still reference it often, it was that engaging.  My 18 yr old Collin checks Eric’s schedule on a regular basis to see if we could see him again before we die .  Eric spends more time in Europe than he does in America.  The snowy January night in Sandpoint was such a gift, it seems greedy to want more.  But a gig at the Sweet Onion Festival in Walla Walla, WA  (I do love how that flows off the tongue…Walla Walla) popped up on Eric’s schedule and we. are. going. 

This is what you need to do.  Go to Eric Bibb’s website and you can hear seven tracks from his latest album.  If unaccompanied acoustic guitar rocks your socks, listen to Track 6: I Shall Not Be Moved.  I particularly like the gospel-ish arrangement of If Our Hearts Ain’t In It and the love ballad Pockets.

Evening with Eric Bibb remains our favorite Bibb CD, with Diamond Days running a close second.  The train of Bibb fans is picking up speed and gaining more passengers daily.  Get on board!


1 thought on “Eric Bibb Again!

  1. Love this music, Carol.  And you know who is going to love it?  My mom!  I’m going to get the recommendations you provided so that Mom can enjoy this over the summer.THANKS,DI

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