Isaiah’s Back!

Oh my.  Around Easter, a friend produced a video of greetings for Isaiah, a young man in our church who survived a 350 ft. roll-over accident with critical head injuries and an extended coma.  As my friend ran the camera I told Isaiah I missed his faithful service with the sound system.  I also said I looked forward to the day he would be back with us, but got choked up and had to force the words through throat blockage and tears.

There were tears again today.  Tears of rejoicing.

Today, my friend, Isaiah was in church with us.  It’s incredible.  It’s unbelievable.  It’s a miracle.  Isaiah is back home, walking around, a little more quiet than usual, but ready with a smile.   He joined the guys on the lawn for a game of Frisbee.  He throws a mean Frisbee, but has a harder time catching it. 

He doesn’t remember the accident on March 31st or the first hospital.  He says his first thoughts when he woke up were that he was glad to be alive and thankful to God for preserving his life.

After the service I was chatting with Isaiah’s mom and noticed her pretty necklace.  She turned the pendant around and it had the word HOPE on it.  Her husband bought it for her the day after the accident. 

Isaiah–and his family–have more hills to climb.  He will continue therapy twice a week.  His father will tutor him in academic subjects.  The next glorious event is the wedding of his older brother at the end of the month.  Isaiah, of course, is in the wedding.

Right now, he is a walking display of God’s kindness.  Our hearts are swelling with thanksgiving.


12 thoughts on “Isaiah’s Back!

  1. @ambiguousinamber – Thank you for asking.  (Clarification: Jeff wasn’t *our* youth pastor, but had been a youth pastor from another local church.)  Jeff’s family was front and center in our thoughts, comments and prayers Sunday too.  I’ve heard that they are struggling.  It’s hard to lose anyone, but Jeff was dynamic and on fire and a winsome leader.  The first two holiday/hurdles (those markers you have to get through, especially during the cycle of the first year of loss) were Mother’s Day and Memorial Day.  Very tough.  And while they rejoice at Isaiah’s healing, it has a rough edge that he was brought back from the grave, so to speak, but Jeff wasn’t.  Other guys in the accident are struggling too.  There are interior scars that need a healing touch.    

  2. Carol, this is such wonderful news.  I know this shook the whole area up pretty good.  Even though we did not know any of the involved parties, it still shakes the heart knowing anyone is hurt.  The family of God is so interconnected.  As such, we rejoice with you all at the recovery of this young man, and our hearts go before the throne of our Lord petitioning his grace, compassion, and love beyond all measure.  May the rest of the week hold many blessings.

  3. “Praise Him for His mighty acts. Praise Him according to His excellent greatness”   Psalm 150:2,3.   All I say is “yes, and amen”.   Welcome back Isaiah!

  4. how interesting. I just (half an hour ago) finished making a necklace with a “hope” tag on it for a friend going through chemo. I am so glad your Isaiah is back.  🙂

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