Fine Art Friday – The Gower Family

The Gower Family, George Romney 1776-77

Isn’t this a fun piece for the first of May?
Four sisters dancing while their sister Anne beats the time.

I see family dynamics…and have fun assigning personalities.
The two on the left intent on their sister’s cues.
Look at the form of the girl with her back to us.
The two on the right making sure you notice them,
the shortest shyly and the tilted head confidently.

Why the dark background? 


2 thoughts on “Fine Art Friday – The Gower Family

  1. It’s interesting to me how the style of dress makes the younger girls seem older. They look like merely smaller versions of the older sister to me!I’ve enjoyed browsing through some of your book reviews. Thanks for visiting my blog — It’s great to meet another Berry fan!

  2. Yes, definitely a perfect May-Day type dance.  Happy!  Happy!I think we could make up an entire short story based on this one painting.  Same is true for some of Julius Stewart’s.  In the Conservatory is one 🙂

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