Easter Monday


From the view of the sunrise outside our front door
to the pitter-patter of raindrops on the roof as we fell asleep,
Easter was a magnificent, glorious, rich celebration.

Today, Easter Monday, is a day of hugs and good-byes
with family returning to their homes,
a day for the washing machine to exert itself,
a day of putting away,
a day of happy, contented sighs.

I read somewhere that in Greek villages,
they celebrate Easter Monday with practical jokes,
reflecting the cosmic “joke” of Christ’s resurrection.
It is a holiday in many countries, a designation I fully support.
I think I’ll take a walk.



10 thoughts on “Easter Monday

  1. I love your poetic post — as usual   I also love the photo collage — I need to learn how to do those! Blessings as you launder, ponder, and wander 

  2. @LaurieLH – It is very easy to do with Picasa software.  Picasa is a free download.  You select which pictures you want to include and click “make collage.”  From there, you can shuffle the pictures to get the mix you like.  I love your launder, ponder and wander!  Who is the poet?

  3. @hiddenart – Thanks!  We set up two folding tables in our garage because I highly value being able to ALL sit at one table.  I assigned the setting to my young friend Lindsey (my DIL’s best friend who came along for the weekend).  Instead of trying for a pattern she just did a random mix and match and it came out so lovely.@wonderloveandpraise –  Easter Hangover!  Yeah!

  4. Flowers by Jessie, I presume? Homemade rolls? And what is the round thing w/ chocolate splattered all over the top? Or are you going to disappoint me and tell me it’s not chocolate at all?  I actually had a turkey dinner at Mimi’s. Audrey had chicken piccata; Brianne had a chicken ciabatta sandwich and Jordan had pancakes and fruit. Aiden ate quite a bit of my turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and even whole cranberry sauce. We were all marveling at what an un-picky eater he is!

  5. @LimboLady – Flowers by Jessie.  Rolls by Danny.  Chocolate Splattered round disc is French Silk Pie by Jessie.  We also had Lemon Cheesecake by Taryn.  Lamb and Ham with a Cherry Stout sauce, potato salad, pasta salad with shrimp, Asian noodle salad and mimosas.  I’m still full!I can’t believe Aiden ate cranberry sauce!  That’s amazing for a one year old.

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