Good and Pleasant

Two years and three weeks separate my oldest sons. 

For years, their differences caused further separation.  Different gifts, different dispositions.  One was defiant, one compliant.  One was a straight-forward rebel; one was underhanded. The typical tensions that beset firstborns and second-borns wormed their way into our house.  I don’t want to overstate the case: the rivalry did not brew hatred.  But the competition was more than evident.   

Sibling relationships are seldom simple.

But sometimes, siblings offer some of the best friendships around. 

Watching my boys this week brings me joy incapable of containment.  Delight and approval in their role as daddy and as husband overcome me.  How much fun is it to have my sons instruct me on holding my grandsons in the most comfortable manner? 

And the pleasantness continues.  To see the friendship between brothers grow and expand is as refreshing as an ice-cold drink on a blistering day.  When one of our three-month babies fusses, his uncle is just as likely to pick him up and comfort him as his father. 

The unity between them is evidenced in a particularly special way.  Their differences in theology are not an occasion for division between them.  One son holds to believer baptism and one son holds to paedo baptism.  Tomorrow, little Noah will be baptized and the whole family will be there as witnesses.  At some future date, Preston and Gavin will be baptized and the whole family will be there to rejoice.  And, thanks be to God, there is no tension. 

Behold, how good and pleasant it is
when brothers dwell in unity! 


8 thoughts on “Good and Pleasant

  1. This is so beautiful — a glimpse into what coming years may hold for me as I watch my sons mature and grow as friends and brothers. Do enjoy a truly blessed celebration of our Lord’s life!

  2. Your a reaping the fruit of your faithfulness as Christian parents. And it is absolutely lovely.  Happy Resurrection Day to you and yours.  

  3. Isn’t it the love of siblings for each other an amazing thing? I see this with my daughters, in a different way, too. Even though there are almost always two of them at odds over something minor, their love for each other is always evident in the things they are willing to do for each other. 

  4. What joy that must bring you!. This gives me hope.  My 2 oldest girls (4 years apart) have a difficult relationship.  I hope someday they too, like your sons, can become friends.

  5. i prayed for your family at the easter vigil last night as we baptized babies!!! i thank God for your sons… and how He has knit them together. And my friend, you certainly had something to do with it! The Lord has used you well, indeed. Resurrection joy to you!!!

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