New Bread

Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy and save me!
Let me lie down like a stone, O God,
and rise up like new bread.

~ Tolstoy in War and Peace
quoted by M.F.K. Fisher in How to Cook a Wolf

Isn’t this quote about perfect for Holy Week? 

Also a prayer for our young friend Isaiah, who remains in a coma.  It is a great reminder that we used to be dead in our sins and God has made us alive in Him.

God made this world chock full of pictures–symbols–of death and resurrection.  The more we look, the more we see.  Help me add to the list. 

Night and day: each day dies followed by a new day 
Our sleep is a little death; awaking is a little resurrection 
A seed dies and is buried in the ground; a new plant rises
Tulips turn brown and brittle…and come up green.
A tree becomes a skeleton…until new leaves bud
Hibernating bears
Drowned rice fields
Grapes are killed, crushed, bruised
Yeast is buried in flour and water
An act of repentance, a dying to self, precedes new growth


7 thoughts on “New Bread

  1. I also enjoy reading MFK Fisher! My sister-in-law used to own a book business and gave me a copy of _The Art of Eating_ — bite by bite. I am making my way through the essays 

  2. Oh my goodness, Carol! Another author for me to read! I am so enjoying my re-reading of Elizabeth Gouge right now after not having read anything by her in many years. I will go to our library website and see what they can offer of MFK Fisher. Maybe I’ll get educated one of these days!And yes, what a prayer for Holy Week and for Isaiah!

  3. I just had to tell you I LOVE your new background for your header. I’m taking a class just for fun this quarter on DreamWeaver and Adobe, so maybe my blog will rival yours by the time I’m done!Also, orchids, my fave, should be listed w/ all your examples above. They only bloom once a year so remain dormant/dead for the 9 months they aren’t blooming. I am also enjoying the Easter lily I bought myself, watching it bloom and the lovely fragrance. Happy Resurrection Day to you!

  4. The only example that comes to me as far as death and rebirth is related to food.I love finding something leftover in the back of the ‘fridge – forgotten but not rotten – and making something new and fresh from it.  Ditto that fancy header!

  5. Oh, lovely new header for your blog!  TY again for adding beauty to my life, MM!Newboys sings (in “Prodigal Child”):  “We lose hope, mumble our prayers, seal up the stairs, and never dare believe Your reach can pass thru stone, can lead us home, can make the dead start blinking…”  Usually I sing it as a prayer for my prodigal sister.  This week I’m singing it for Isaac.  May God give you (and your church family, and Isaac’s family) a fresh reason to be thankful for Resurrection Sunday- Isaac’s recovery.

  6. @R1R2ish – Ruthie we received great news about Isaiah this afternoon.  I put it on my Facebook status.  He opened his eyes, held up fingers and gave thumbs up when asked if he understood…more than once!  We ARE rejoicing with great hope!

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