Awake, O Sleeper

Our pastor is so pastoral.  He is always there to bear the burdens of his sheep. Here are words he sent to our congregation as we continue to pray for Isaiah. The next 12 hours are crucial. 

We are called on to shoulder a great and serious burden with [Isaiah’s family].  Our Isaiah is fighting for his life. He rests in bed with eyes closed and many tubes coming from his body, but inside he is at work struggling to regain his wits. The doctors say he can hear us and so many verses of scripture have been read to him. [His dad] started reading Luke’s gospel, so each time we go in we read a little more.

This whole thing is a part of a great tragedy. One life lost and some injured and still in question. We must pray for all involved. God has sent [Isaiah’s family] more reasons to fall on their knees. [Isaiah’s mom] is saying out loud to herself. “God is sovereign…That is all I can say.” You know what? They cannot bear it. They are not living on any strength of their own. It’s long gone. They are living only on God’s grace and that abundantly.

The news of Isaiah’s situation is grave. He must wake up. As I pray with him, I see such a strong young man and I hope that he can be given more life. Pray for life. Pray that he wake up. I went in and thought, I should be telling him “Rabbits” and listen to his laugh. [“Rabbits” is a game our pastor plays with a ton of people.  On the first day of the month you try to be the first one to remember to say “rabbits”.]

As you all know so well, we are not speculating on the whys; at this point we are praying. The scene is still in motion and we respond accordingly. I was so heartened to hear of the prayer meeting tonight.. I was in the chapel [Catholic hospital] earlier praying and a Nun came up to me and asked if I wanted communion. I thanked her deeply for her compassion but I thought, what is communion if all alone and not with the saints?

Tonight as we pray together we will share communion of heart and purpose. Remember that while there is breath there is hope. Psalm 107 tells us of sailors on the sea who fighting the waves and storm came to their wits’ end. It says THEN, they cried unto the Lord and he brought them out of their distress. He calmed the storm so that its waves are still (v.28-29). We are at our wits’ end; let us cry out to the Lord.

We are entering a long trial, and at times you can feel the weariness setting in. But if God has called us to this, then He has His reasons. It will be good for us. Let us learn from Him as we take this yoke.

Waiting is the name of the game. Wait and pray. Ask the Lord to awaken Isaiah as He has done for His people so many times before.  Thank you for your prayers.

Addendum added Friday afternoon:  Hopeful news – Isaiah tried to open his eyes and move his mouth.  There is also some arm movement.  We rejoice to hear this and keep praying.  Our God reigns.


9 thoughts on “Awake, O Sleeper

  1. A beautiful and refreshing pastoral letter. You are blessed to have such a man shepherding your congregation. I am weeping for Isaiah’s mother – she knows and says God is sovereign but that can’t make this burden one bit easier for her to bear. And indeed for his whole family and his church family as well. May everyone feel His healing touch of comfort and patience and strength, and may the prayers for Isaiah’s healing be granted, Lord!

  2. My heart cries out to the Lord, trusting Him to continue to strengthen and bring you all through today…and the next…and the next — one step, one whisper at a time.

  3. So thankful for your church body to hold these people up.  Knowing God is sovereign makes such a difference.  Praying.  Oh, I mentioned your blog on a blog post of mine yesterday. 

  4. We have been in constant prayer since getting Sharons prayer request after we returned. I am so blessed by Terry and the man of God he is. We love you all and are praying for Isaiah’s family et al. Love to you sweet friend. m

  5. Carol – we are praying for Isaiah here in Wisconsin and hoping for an update when you know anything. We have been part of a church enduring 2 similar tragedies, and it is excruciating, I know. We pray on!

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