Please Pray for Isaiah


A young man in our church, Isaiah, is in critical condition.  He is in a coma with head injuries.  If nothing changes in the next 24 hours, the family will be faced with the decision to take him off life support.  Isaiah is a faithful Christian, ready to go home.  But we’re really not wanting to lose him. 

Lord, give us strength; give us a miracle, if it be Your will.  Help us to trust You and to trust Isaiah to your care.   

More on the accident:

Thank you for your prayers. 



6 thoughts on “Please Pray for Isaiah

  1. Praying for them all, it’s impossible not to, especially when you know most of them. Waiting also to see how God uses this to His glory, something beautiful WILL come of it, of that I am positive. Things will be subdued next week, to say the least.

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