Buying the Farm

The Christian doctrine
of the communion of the saints
is simple, really.
All it says is
that once you buy the farm
you still live on the farm.
All it says is
that those who have gone before us
are still with us.
All it says is
that past generations
still count
and must be taken into account.
In other words,
we’re all in this together.
All of us.

~ Mitch Finley
Whispers of Love


8 thoughts on “Buying the Farm

  1. Couldnt figure out whether you were quoting one of Berry’s short stories or what.  So, I googled Mr Finley and discovered that he is from La Grande and Catholic.How interesting!  Do you know him personally?

  2. Carol,Great quote. I agree in so many ways. The old idea of ‘family matters’ extended to the Church – as it ought to be. Hey, can you send me a link to something which shows how to put those handy-dandy thumbnail photos and ‘links’ to my blog on my Facebook page? I like the way ours look and work!Thanks, Lerrina

  3. @hiddenart – Dana, I was stunned to read your comment.  I don’t know Mitch Finley (he was actually *born* in La Grande, but lives in Spokane now).  I got that quote from a book called Spiritual Literacy which has some gems in-between lots of un-gem-like quotes.  It’s fascinating that he would have a link to my small town!@Lerrina – Um, I’ll try!  You need to have two windows open, your blog and your Facebook.  Highlight the address on your blog, you know, the http….  Copy the link (Control-C or right click and click on Copy) Then on your Facebook, on your page, where it says share a link paste that link in there.  (Control-V is the way I work.)  If there is a picture in your blog post, that picture should come up with the link.  There is a preview button you can check it out.  I hope this helps! 

  4. Ha ha  I really was thinking that Mitch Finley was a Port William character!  No joke 🙂  So, I was sort of cheating when I googled to find out.  I want to enjoy Port William like I have Mitford, in fact even more so because Karon’s characters can be a little predictable/shallow.  Berry’s characters seem more interesting and complicated.  But then Berry says something that annoys me ; And then …. Donna posts a fun question about Burley and I’m back re-reading and searching for a fiddle version of Abide With Me.

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