An offering from my husband, Curt, the occasional poet.




                                                Conception’s seed                  

                                                            Adam’s son

                                                Womb’s darkness                               

                                                            Sin’s tomb

                                                Unconscious growth                          

                                                            Blind existence

                                                Sleepful swimming                            

                                                            Dead-man walking

                                                Nine-month gestation                        

                                                            Thirty-year enslavement

                                                Stressed contractions                         

                                                            Offensive preaching

                                                Pushed and squeezed                         

                                                            Drawn and dragged

                                                Useless resistance                               

                                                            Excuses exhausted

                                                Optionless choice                               

                                                            Broken will

                                                Distant voices                                    

                                                            Divine call

                                                Squinting brightness                          

                                                            Glorious light

                                                Crying gasp                                        

                                                            Holy Breath

                                                Severed cord                                      

                                                            Bondage broken

                                                Washed and wrapped                        

                                                            Baptized and robed

                                                Clean and safe                                               

                                                            Forgiven and kept

                                                Daddy’s arm-cradle                           

                                                            Father’s mercy

                                                Mommy’s milk                                   

                                                            Mother Church

                                                Family likeness                                   

                                                            Kingdom membership

                                                A child is born                                               

                                                            A son is reborn


…of water and the Spirit


8 thoughts on “Twiceborn

  1. it doesn’t happen often, but it did here tonight at 10.42 … reading this, honestly, my breath stopped. these words literally took my breath away.thank you seems so small. both for Curt, and for the One deserving of such praise.

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