The Love of a Good Man

Over the weekend I  had a lengthy conversation with one of my husband’s co-workers.  We are discovering more points of commonality and talked about having lunch in the near future. 

“She is eager to get to know you,” my husband reported. 

“That’s odd,” I mused, “We’ve barely met.”

“Well,” the good man confessed, “she’s heard a lot about you from me.  And…whenever she rants about her husband, I always respond by praising you.”

Cha-Ching!  That’s fuel that will get me a long way down the road!


7 thoughts on “The Love of a Good Man

  1. Huge deposit in the proverbial marriage bank account.  Says volumes about the both of you.Have y’all seen FIreproof, the movie?  I liked it and wonder if it’s having success.

  2. Yes yes yes! To your post and to the comments already made.Note to Dana: I understand that “Fireproof” has been a great success. The Sunday afternoon some of us went the theater was not full by any means but apparently it has been successful in some venues. The story of how that movie was made is a success story in itself and really quite remarkable.

  3. What a lovely guy!! i find too that when guys at work talk about their wives i end up looking even better to him–makes him appreciate me to hear the tricks and things some people pull on their spouses! (it’s just too much work to be less than honest, and i’d rather expend that energy on more fun things.)

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