As If I Have Nothing To Do

my, cough cough, dryer lint collection

I’m having a hard time…focusing.
Fourth Sunday of Advent.
Wrapping presents.
Two daughters-in-law going into labor any time now.
One induction was postponed until tomorrow.
Praying one baby doesn’t come during the typhoon predicted in Seattle.

And there are major life questions to ponder…
Do you or do you not collect dryer lint?
I didn’t.
A friend said that it makes great fire starters.

You use three leftovers.
Using leftovers makes my world rock.
Dryer lint.
Old candles.
Used egg cartons.

Redemption.  Recovery.
A beautiful thing.


9 thoughts on “As If I Have Nothing To Do

  1. Neat!Except we no longer have a chimney/fireplace…..we had to have it torn down because it was defective and causing all kinds of problemsPraying for your DILs and preborn grandbabies, I am looking forward to seeing photos and hearing all about the arrivals.

  2. This post made me laugh!  Matthew, my oldest, is a dryer lint/fire starter professional.  We don’t have a fireplace so he just saves them until summertime and camping season.  I find them everywhere…on the counter, on the floor, in the drawers, etc.  Maybe he could send you some so my house isn’t so messy? 

  3. You are so much fun! We don’t have a working fireplace, but if we did, I would start collecting for it — I wonder if captured dust-bunnies work too? Praying that all goes well for your sons and wives — oh, the blessing of having babies at Christmas

  4. We once made a school project volcano from dryer lint papier mache, ala Tightwad Gazette.  Unfortunately, the teacher said the project began to smell terribly after a week and she threw it away.I don’t save the lint but may try these fire starters.  I use at least one starter a day in our wood stove and they are outrageously expensive.Praying for your two grandbabies, the weather, and all other details!

  5. I’m sorry, I just had to laugh at this one–it reminded me of the “grease gift” that made Collin say, “Muh-ther! You’re giving people grease!” I’m wondering what he thinks of this latest…And praying for safe deliveries for the two girls, as well. The anticipation must be almost overwhelming, eh?

  6. Oh yes, fire starters! Also an old Girl Scout craft! Little pine cones also work well, tuck some lint between the open bits, set in your egg carton and cover with wax/paraffin. (I used the old tops from paraffin covered jams and jellies when I was a kid, more left-overs!) If the pine cones are too small to tuck much lint into, just add one to each egg section and you have a 12 pack of attractive, unique gifts! Praying for those girls and the babies, what a blessing! Are you heading that direction? We’ve got one coming in March so Spring Break will find us heading to Iowa.

  7. Also praying for your girls and babies.  Praise God from whom all blessings flow!  I can’t wait to post such prayer requests myself one day!I’ve done these, but find that too many little bits and pieces saved for too many projects just adds up to more stuff to sift through, so out the lint goes!Merry Christmas my dear!

  8. Praying for Merry Christmas babies to safely arrive. I think we had dryer lint and old candle wax lead to a chimney fire one time. hmmm, yep. pretty sure that happened.Merry Christmas dear friend!

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