Alert! New Wendell Berry!!

I just ordered a brand new book – a children’s book – by Wendell Berry: Whitefoot: A Story from the Center of the World because the opening paragraph was just too wonderful.

Her name was Peromyscus leucopus, but she did not know it. I think it had been a long time since the mice around Port William spoke English, let alone Latin.  Her language was a dialect of Mouse, a tongue for which we humans have never developed a vocabulary or a grammar.  Because I don’t know her name in Mouse, I will call her Whitefoot. 

Isn’t it just….delicious?  I have been a “serial clicker” this morning – clicking Suprise Me! in the Amazon Reader to see more, no matter the random order.

One more paragraph! 

Her name fits because her four small feet and all the underside of her were a pure, clean white.  Her coat, above, was a reddish brindly tan.  She had a graceful tail, a set of long, elegant whiskers, perfect ever-listening ears, a fastidious nose, and black profound eyes shining with sight. She took a small, feminine pleasure in being beautiful.

Contented sigh….

I. Love. Wendell Berry.


8 thoughts on “Alert! New Wendell Berry!!

  1. Here is a link to all that I’ve written about Wendell Berry’s writing.  I’ve mostly read his fiction.  I think you would love it.  I would recommend his short stories first.  They are collection in “That Distant Land”.  Our little rural library had quite a collection of them.  Or if you can get your hands on Hannah Coulter, you won’t be disappointed. way to get to this link is to click on “View All Tags” in the Categories box on the side.  Then click on wendellberry. 

  2. Oh. Sigh. Now I can share Mr. Berry with my kids! I’m adding it to my list of books to buy with Christmas money.What is Amazon Reader?Btw, my mom adored Hannah Coulter – I gave it to her for her birthday. She is now reading my copy of his collected poetry.Carrie

  3. I didn’t know Wendell Berry had written any children’s books!  I usually buy each of the kids at least one book for Christmas~~ this will be perfect for my youngest.  Thanks for the tip.  The excerpts are tantalizing!

  4. @nnjmom – Carrie, I’m sure you know the Amazon Reader, just not the name.  You know the arrow around the top of the book that says “Look Inside!”?  That’s the Amazon Reader. They give you the front and back covers, the first page (or first chapter) and then random pages in the Suprise Me section.  If you click it too often, you’ll get a message that explains that this is copyrighted and you’ve exceeded your limit.Don’t ask me how I know that!

  5. Carol, do you have any idea how much good reading – and listening – you have turned me on to? I so appreciate that and I’m not sure if I have ever thanked you properly.

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