Looking Ahead, Looking Behind

Yesterday I got to spend an afternoon with Gavin the Great, my 3 year old grandson.  His dad and mom have been doing a great job preparing him for the new baby due to come Christmas Eve.   When they cut a tree (in our family a Christmas tree isn’t a Christmas tree unless you cut it down) they got him a cute little tree for his bedroom.  Something extra special for this extra special Christmas.

A job on my list was to string lights on Gavin’s tree.  In a moment of inspiration I decided to do this before he took his nap.  As I strung the lights around his bed and tree, Gavin went into hyper-wonder. 

“Look at the lights, Nana!” he kept repeating. 

I thought about how one string of lights (price tag: $8) brings a bit of magic and delight into a child’s life.  One of those tips I wished I had figured out twenty five years ago!

This picture is wretched photography, but it gives you an idea.  The tree is to the left.

The funny moment of the day came when Gavin looked at a picture of himself as a toddler. 

“I miss myself as a baby.” 

He was serious.  But I think the outfit he was wearing might have been a favorite.

Three years old is bit young to be nostalgic, wouldn’t you say?


8 thoughts on “Looking Ahead, Looking Behind

  1. I love the lights — and so true, about the bit of magic and delight! I miss that — my husband doesn’t like putting up lights — oh well. I do light candles all over when he isn’t home and won’t be bothered by the scents — something about the glow and the flickering and the warmth brings that same bit of magic and delight

  2. Oh, I agree about the candles. I have them going most of the year, except when it’s really hot in the summer. Today I bought a real wreath at Trader Joe’s and hung it on the inside of my front door to enjoy the fragrance. On the outside I have a jingle bell wreath (bought after the holidays last year for 90% off!) so I enjoy every time the door closes. Aren’t the holidays wonderful?

  3. What precious memories you are making with this little guy.  My daughters have those stick-up stars on their ceiling, the ones that glow in the dark.  It really is fun to lay in bed with them and look up at the “stars” once in a while. I need to take the time to do it more often!

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