Simple Pleasures in November

~ Political signage is down…well, 95% is!

~  James Taylor has a new album called Covers.
Here’s the cool part:
There is a free full album preview here.
We’ve listened to it at least a dozen times.

~  It’s candle season.  I’ve been enjoying
a grouping of votives from IKEA.

~ Soup/Stew/Chowder/Bisque season!
Last night we had Potato Corn Cheese Chowder.
I added chunks of chicken to please my meat-eating guys.

~ Sun and wind dried our lawn enough to mow up the leaves,
which transformed a four hour job into a twenty minute chore.

~ The slanting light of November has entranced me.
Right around 4:00 p.m.

Your turn!
What simple pleasures are you enjoying?
Do you have a favorite soup?
Favorite scent of candle?

Oops!  I forgot one of my favorite simple pleasures:
Organizing and cleaning bookshelves.
Here is the “after” shot of my little kitchen cart.


21 thoughts on “Simple Pleasures in November

  1. The Perfect Pumpkin candle from Bath and Body works is lovely, and my old stand by is Harvest by Yankee Candle.  Are  your votives scented? Beautiful photo. Thank you for posting it. 

  2. I love any candle that smells “harvesty,” and light them often once mid-October hits.  I also love the sound of rain on the windows on the rare occasion that it rains that hard here.  There is something about nasty weather outside that makes it that much more delightful being inside with loved ones!

  3. I took out my candles to place on the mantle this weekend also (even though it’s still 70 degrees here with clear blue skies and sunshine). I finally put the fall wreathe on the door (even though the grass and trees are still spring-green). I unfolded the autumn-colored quilts and scattered them throughout the house (even though I was barefoot and wearing shorts at the time). Ah, the simple pleasures of fall in so. CA.

  4. Post script: Simple pleasure — friends who share preview sites for artists I love — I’m listening to Suzanne right now and remembering when I first learned how to play this song when taking guitar lessons once upon a time in high school  

  5. simple pleasures – ahhh… sitting on the stoep (verandah) with feet on the table, smelling the sweetly scented star jasmine, and chatting to my family (while enjoying a glass of dry white)candles: those with a faint fragrance; soup: minestrone (Nigella Lawson in How To Eat

  6. My son has been building fires in the fireplace….I even roasted some Marshmallow’s!  Our street is alive with fall color!I’m with you on the candles, soups…and NO political signs. 

  7. Simple pleasures, the DH home and awake today, it’s a cozy feeling to come home to someone who isn’t asleep. He has a nice fire going, I have a peppermint latte mocha from the Blue Banana, Tchaikovsky on the CD player, (My attempt to forgive him for certain nasty key signatures as well as to learn a part) and e-mails from the kids. Soup, Curry pumpkin with a bit of Italian sausage, served with crusty French bread, a tasty melding of cultures!Candles, lavender. It’s a clean and inviting scent. Luckily for me it’s a popular scent now, there was a time when it was hard to find.

  8. @sonskyn – I cannot EVEN believe it!  I’m reading a book while eating my lunch and came across the name Nigella Lawson for the first time in my life.  Twenty minutes ago!  And here you reference her Minestrone Soup!  Crazy!

  9. @Faith Proctor – Hi Faith!  You are friends of Buried Treasure, right?  My votives are scented and fall scents are my absolutely favorite. Cinnamon, apple and vanilla.  The photo was taken at my girlfriend’s ranch outside of Enterprise, Oregon, the first Sunday of November.  The cattle are their cattle, the mountains are the Wallowas.  Spectacular, no? 

  10. Well, I love pumpkin candles and Yankee Harvest fragrance ones, but my favorite is from Bath and Body Works called Creamy Caramel. My daughter, Audrey, came in last year and asked me why my place smelled like maple syrup. Oh, well…not everyone appreciates the same thing, right?A good book, not having homework, a TV Guide crossword puzzle (I don’t really like the magazine all that much anymore, but I have always loved doing the crosswords in it…so I buy one every now and then just for that), and a hot cup of tea with cream…sigh….

  11. I love coffee scented candles and also vanilla ones.  I went to a candle party years ago (can’t remember the name of the candles) and bought some wonderful spiced vanilla ones that were my favorites for years.  Now I’m enjoying the Glade candles and especially a cinnamon apple one.The James Taylor preview is very soothing.  I’ve listened to it a couple of times.The Joy of Cooking is my cooking encyclopedia.  Terry had a paperback copy and I a hardback copy when we married.  He recently gave Luke his paperback copy. πŸ˜‰  Love your kitchen cookbook cart.Sandy

  12. Apple cinnamony for me. And the IKEA brown votives are out here as well. I had tomato-crab bisque yesterday, a southern sort of thing.  But homemade chicken noodle (with homemade noodles) ranks right up there at the top. Add a grilled cheese sandwich with any soup and I am in. My hubbies fav is tuna-cheese chowder (a cremey potato soup with some thyme and dill thrown in) We started having butternut squash bisque as the starter for Thanksgiving several years ago. I want to be HOME! to do all things simple. dusting the tea cups. Shining up the counters and cupboards. I love the smell of good furniture wax and the way it looks after a good buffing. hugs for letting me think sweet thoughts and dream happy dreams.

  13. Okay…are the green books hymnals? They are so skinny.  I love your cart too.  I like spicy candles, apple cinnamon, or pumpkin spice.  Fall colors are my decorating colors so I just love them.I love to make soup, so far, we’ve had chicken noodle and something we call chilly day soup, a basic vegetable soup with rice, pasta & potatoes in it.Making ginger cake with raisins in it for dessert, today.

  14. @MargaretinVa – Amen on the fall colors and fall scents.  The green books are 13 years of Cook’s Illustrated magazines bound into yearbooks.  They are a hand-me-down from my brother Danny.  I’ve lent them out lots.  It’s sort of culinary school in a book.

  15. @wonderloveandpraise – Steph, it’s a way of eating that I appreciate.  It doesn’t use a lot of bizarre foods like non-fat sour cream (what IS that?) and the cranwater really does help clean out the liver.  It’s not a regime I find easy to stay on long-term, but I think the cleanses are effective.  It’s been good for me. Lovely to have you visit, Steph!CarolPS – I think the initial quick weight loss is also very encouraging.  I remember losing 4 pounds the first two days I went on this.

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