Rejoice, the Lord is King!  Your Lord and King adore;
Mortals give thanks and sing, and triumph evermore;
Life up your heart, life up your voice,
Rejoice, again I say, Rejoice!

~ Charles Wesley

I love this next quote by the mysterious Tristan Gylberd.  The real drama of everyday banalities.  The affairs of ordinary people.  It’s time – isn’t it? – to focus on our daily work, our personal relationships, doing all to the glory of God.

Politics is important.
But it is not all-important.

That is not just a modern phenomenon.
It has always been a fact of life.

Many who live and die by the electoral sword will certainly be shocked to discover that most of the grand-glorious headline-making events in the political realm today will go down in the annals of time as mere backdrops to the real drama of everyday banalities.

But it is so.

As much emphasis as is placed on campaigns, primaries, caucuses, conventions, elections, statutes, administrations, surveys, polls, trends, and policies these days, most of us know full well that the import of fellow workers, next door neighbors, close friends, and family members is actually far greater. 

Despite all the hype, hoopla, and hysteria of sensational turns-of-events, the affairs of ordinary people who tend their gardens and raise their children and perfect their trades and mind their businesses are, in the end, more important.

Just like they always have been.

Just like they always will be.

~ Tristan Gylberd, written some time before 1999, quoted in Lost Causes

12 thoughts on “Rejoice!

  1. Even though I felt VERY strongly about this election…and am devastated to see the results….I had a peaceful sense of exactly what your saying here last night.  Rejoice!  The Lord is King…and it’s time to get on gettin’ on.

  2. I like the *before and after* photos.  That is, the ones of the president-elect on election night or at his inauguration and then at the end of the -four-year term.That says it all.Who would want the job?

  3. Both Charles and Tristan said it correctly. I say that as if they were old friends. From your oldish friend with thanks and rejoicing that we serve the true and Living King.  That matters everyday. hugs from sc

  4. There was a bit of discussion in my first class this morning, some of it bordered on complaining. I think I put the kibosh on it when I told them the results are in, God’s will has been shown and He will use this outcome to His glory, when we complain we are griping about and questioning, His will. It sure is a fascinating time in ‘His story’ (history) to be living and observing!

  5. Thanks for this post. And I know there are some positive things that Obama will do for our country that we will all enjoy/appreciate. I have to say I am happy that Prop. 8 passed in California, making marriage ONLY for one man and one woman, but barely, by 52%. It’s too easy to ignore/forget our own personal responsibility to ourselves, our families, our communities…

  6. You are right on, my dear (well, Mr.Gylberd is).  I am amazed at how much my faith (and faithfulness) is linked and seemingly dependant on circumstances!  If everyone is talking about the horrors of life under President Obama, then that is what my mind fills with.  Oh for a mind and heart filled with the “drama of everyday banalaties”!  For a heart who sees the real importance of the everyday joyful obedience that my Savior calls me to!

  7. this from his blog:Monday, July 24 Tristan Gylberd Theobscure but often quoted American poet, critic, and educator, TristanGylberd, was born in Houston, Texas on this day in 1954.(

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