7 thoughts on “Diet For a Word Bird

  1. Irish stewHomemade brew–For such bounty,We thank you.Cordon blue,Beef fondue–With great fervorWe will chew.Lord, your gifts, we’ll not eschew.—————–I know, I know…it’s okay to use moderation. I just couldn’t resist doing a poem of my own!

  2. Oh Angie, you *are* funny!   This is not a Lord’s Day Diet…    I thought of another one:  Less chew, less rue. Or how about:  Little roux, less rue.Not to be picky, but isn’t it Cordon Bleu

  3. Here’s a favorite from Caddie Woodlawn. . . ‘If at first you don’t fricassee, fry, fry a hen!’My girls would giggle about that every time I fixed chicken for dinner!  

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