Letters from Mom – Sick Kids

A lovely sentence from my early morning reading of WWI novel by Anne Perry No Graves As Yet:

He knew they had written every week, long letters full of thoughts and feelings, trivial details of domestic life, more a matter of affection than of news.

This letter from Nellie to John was written the day after the first letter I posted.  Seven children and the flu!

Tuesday 10-08-57

My Dearest John,

It is such a beautiful day that I feel like working in the yard – but not really as my back is not yet strong enough for that.

David [my oldest brother] is feeling better this morning and wants to go to school this afternoon – their room has a football game this afternoon.  But this morning they were fixing shredded wheat [odd family custom of fixing shredded wheat by pouring boiling water over it, draining the water, adding a pat of butter, no milk] and a bowl of hot water tipped on him – his stomach – and really blistered it, a large patch just above the navel.  So he won’t play – he had hoped to, even tho’ I said that it was too soon for that after being sick.

Dorothy [my oldest sister] went to a 4-H meeting last night to see what it was about.  Hesper took her and Norma – for cooking and sewing.  They would enjoy it, but I was disappointed when she came home smelling like smoke.  She said the leader smoked right during the meeting. […]

They [older children] have been helping out very well, and I have been getting my rest.  Little jobs are piling up, but I hope to soon be able to do more and get at them.

I made some home-made noodles last night.  The children really went for them with some boiling beef.  I’ll have to do that from now on – very simple and good. […]

Now I must get lunch ready.  Scrambled eggs for my invalids.  Danny, the clown, holds his stomach and groans, so that he can crawl up on the davenport with David!  That was yesterday as David has been up today doing school work.

Je t’aime beaucoup, beaucoup – that will fool David.  He has been looking over my shoulder.




4 thoughts on “Letters from Mom – Sick Kids

  1. Oddly enough, I have had hot water soaked shredded wheat! [The big bales not the little modern ones.] But after draining the hot water off, we’d pour just a bit of milk on it. My brother and sisters put sugar on as well (gag!) I bet your dad longed to be home, even with ill children there. It must have been very difficult for them. And exciting for you children when he came home. Doesn’t Je t’amie sound much more ‘potent’? heeheehee

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