Two Good Things

A day of delighting in Gavin:
planting, laughing, reading, feeding.

I’ve been hoarding Anthony Trollope and Wendell Berry
 for special reading treats.
They are my secret stash of Mocha Almond Fudge ice cream.

I’ve been waiting for Hannah Coulter to become available to me at .
I checked it out from our library, but took it back unread, because reading
it without being able to interact by marking it up wouldn’t be a pleasure.

Then I read my friend‘s blog.
The time for holding back had past.
I used a B & N gift card and ordered  the book.
(ordering a new book is still a thrill!)

Now, this is a small thing.
But, when I ordered it, I expected it to look like this.
And it came, looking like this:

I adore, I exult, I am gladdened by matching sets of books.
They make me very happy.
Isn’t this stack just one of the purtiest things you’ve seen?

If you are new to Wendell Berry, I suggest you start at That Distant Land,
a collection of Berry’s “Port William” short stories.
It is one of my favorite books to give away.

Like a newly engaged girl, I am, ahem,  practicing restraint.
I want to read it all in one large gulp.
Instead, I’m reading one chapter at a time.
Playing footsie.

Life, my friend, is good.


6 thoughts on “Two Good Things

  1. I haven’t read Hannah Coulter, yet, though Michelle raved about it and I, too, drooled over Diane’s post. It is sitting in a stack of books next to my bed, but it’s not for me – it’s my Mom’s birthday present. Her birthday isn’t until August. What’s your opinion on pre-reading books before you give them as gifts? It’s calling me. I may need to buy another copy – because I know I will want my own, since I am also a marker of books.Carrie

  2. Carrie, I’m still reeling over the video you linked to today.  I didn’t think I had a thing with heights, BUT…Reading gift books before giving: if it’s a sin, I confess that I’m guilty.  I always wash my hands, am very careful with the binding, and (cough, cough) don’t blog about that book.  However, in the case of Hannah Coulter, you will want this book on your shelf.  Wendell Berry inspires me to work harder and work longer.  His characters have such an incredible work ethic.   My SIL, who learned about Berry from me, read Hannah Coulter first and still has a warm glow when she talks about it.  Having only read the first two chapters, I can say with confidence that it is a very special book.Blessings on your long weekend.  Carol

  3. carol, not knowing wendell berry at all… would you recommend his books for non-americans? your description …Soaking.Enjoying.Playing footsie…nearly drove me to the nearest bookstore…are their other books that give you the same feeling(s)? 

  4. Laurie, I haven’t read Remembering yet.  Did you like it?Sonja, yes, yes, and yes.  I gave That Distant Land to my friend in Zim  and she liked it.  It’s more about rural life, hard work, living in community and finding grace in daily life.

  5. Okay I’ll giver a try. I loved Trollop and read everything I could find, which I am sure wasn’t all there was. Now, I imagine a summer, sitting with a glass of iced tea and exploring more of your enticing recommendations. My, how you have affected my life! Thank you!

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