Didn’t Need to Be Beautiful

Chives are already fragrant.
They are a succulent savory addition to salads.

Famous as toppers, especially on baked potatoes.
Chives are hardy (translation: I can’t kill them).

They didn’t have to be beautiful, too.

But they are.


8 thoughts on “Didn’t Need to Be Beautiful

  1. I’ve never seen chives except on my baked potato — beautiful, yes! Of course, I also enjoy fields of dandelions, mustard weed, and even tumbleweeds  Blessings, Laurie

  2. Chives! Now why didn’t I think of that? I planted a VERY few veggie plants recently, one of which is lemon basil. It is thriving – in fact I may need to put it in a larger pot. Everything is in pots.I don’t have enough hours of sunlight to successfully grow veggies, and the sunniest area is in front, so that is where they are. If passersby don’t like it they don’t have to look – it’s MY yard! And thanks for your sweet comment on my post. I will probably be playing catch up for the next two weeks at least. Hopefully after that I can start making progress…

  3. You take my comments well, Carol…. since I’m not much of a gardener (yet), who knew?  Perhaps the *hardy* chives never needed watering and indeed are *succulents*!!Reading Grant’s Garden Graces for inspiration 🙂

  4. chives…why do you want to kill them?  our garden is filled with borders of garlic chives (the purple flowers look like windblown umbrellas)… the other day i put a few in a vase – in the house … the pungent smell turned sweet… that is if you’re willing to wait…  

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