Doors and Gates

Gate at Scone Castle

Gateway to Scone Castle

also at Scone Castle

gate to Bowling Green in Stirling Castle

door from Stirling Castle

Entry to Stirling Castle Chapel built by
King James VI of Scotland, I of England

Parish Church, Iona

Open doorway into the Abbey on Iona

Gate to cemetery on Iona

Doorway from abbey cloisters in Iona

And, lastly, the doorway in the rock wall outside our bedroom window.

Enter into His gates with thanksgiving and into His courts with praise.

Loving each day,


4 thoughts on “Doors and Gates

  1. Speaking of *gates*, the narrator in my poetry selection today leant upon a *coppice* gate….from Thomas Hardy’s The Darkling Thrush.
    So, about the coppice?  Seen any of those?  I had to look it up.  I was guessing it was a way of forming the gate, but learned that it’s a thicket 🙂
    Bet you knew that.
    Oh~! May we have a photo of your driver, m’am?

  2. carol,
    enjoying the trip with you – and wondering about scottish blood in our family (my aunt’s name is iona)
    gates and doors – the excitement of the expectation 
    everytime i open our gate (we bought a house recently) i feel like a queen entering her castle – the gate is a wrought-iron gate embedded in a wall
    enjoying the figurative meaning of gates and doors in our lives too..
    sonja from south africa

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