St. Giles in Edinburgh

We were surprised at how dirty St. Giles is.  Of course it has occupying this part of the city for centuries.  It will cost 2.5 million pounds to clean it.

This statue of John Knox is close to the entrance of the cathedral.
However his grave is here:

Rick Steves calls the organ at St. Giles, built in 1992, “one of Europe’s finest.”

The organ recital was magnificent.  This was our view while we listened:

The cathedral is overwhelming.
It makes you feel small. 
It is massive, layered, a visual overload.



6 thoughts on “St. Giles in Edinburgh

  1. Thank you Mama4joy.  I’m glad to share this incredible trip.Ruthie, Great Britain refuses to go to Euros and still uses the pound.  Ireland uses Euros.  I’m off to bed, it’s 11:30.  We had a glorious day today at Scone, Glamis and the cathedral at Dunkeld.  Tomorrow we’re off to Stirling.

  2. I’m enjoying these updates too.When we were in England 12 years ago we went to visit the “real” Cadfael church and monastery in Shrewsbury (Cadfael was fictional but the location and monastery were not).  IIRC, what is left of the original church is in the middle of a car park.  The ruined monastery grounds were very peaceful and off to themselves.Funny how they keep changing these things into car parks!  LOL.  Enjoy yourself and stay well.

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