Random Notes

~ A pressing headache, gurgling cough and Grand Canyon sneezes have smothered me and slammed me against the wall.  I’m lying low, praying, pleading, begging, imploring God for a speedy recovery.  People, dear people, are coming soon.  I’m drinking weak lemon zinger tea.

~ I’m on the edge of being too sick to read, which is the most wretched of sickly conditions.  I finished listening  to Ken Follett’s Pillars of the Earth and I’m disappointed.  Disappointed with the book (too much steamy sex and the writing is not up to snuff) and disappointed with myself for wading through it (I kept thinking it would get better when they started to build the cathedral).  If I were you, I’d skip it.

~ As detox, I downloaded Elizabeth Gaskell’s Wives and Daughters from Librivox and listened to it.  Lovely!  If you enjoy Jane Austen, give Mrs. Gaskell a try.  I think you’ll enjoy her character sketches.   This is a book to hold, underline, mark up.  Molly Gibson is a heroine to remember.  Now I can watch the DVD.

~ We had three year old Gavin (our grandson) for the weekend.  What exuberance and imagination.  Joy, joy, joy.

~ I’ve written a post on growing up in the Plymouth Brethren.  Like dough, it needs to rest a bit. 

~ New author find!!  Leslie Thomas in Some Lovely Islands writes the best anthropomorphic prose I’ve ever read.  Period.  Islands have shoulders, chins, elbows, fingers, noses, toenails. The wind raises itself up on one elbow to blow a puff or two across the land; a house is hunched against the wind;  an abandoned cottage is embroidered in cobwebs; the sea and sky described as partners one doing the acrobatics, the other  impassive, facing the audience, arms folded.  Like the best new authors, he has introduced me to more authors to explore: the Great Blasket Poets and writers.

~  A new word: cerulean!  The color of the sky last week.  Thank you Sandy!  I have to use it four times to remember it.  Unfortunately the sky today could be called Gray Underwear.  I like Cerulean and Azure


10 thoughts on “Random Notes

  1. I’m sorry you’re feeling icky, Carol! I had something just like that in January, and couldn’t read for the first two days because the headache was so horrible. I agree, that’s the worst kind of sick. Praying for a speedy recovery!

  2. Oh, so sorry you’re feeling so rotten! I knew something was amiss when you hadn’t posted in a couple of days. I do pray for quick recovery and for a book in your hands soon. Blessings, Laurie

  3. Prayers now, and you will be on our class prayer list as soon as I get to school tomorrow!
    I must agree about Pillars of the Earth, so much possibility, so little satisfaction. And it had come highly recommended to me as well, so sad.
    We had a bit of gray sky as well, but now I just think of it as a Scotland Sky and that makes the ‘colour’ much more bearable! You’ll see!

  4. My prayers are with you. I hope you get well soon.Also I am a big fan of your blog and was hoping if you could give my
    new blog a little review. Just tell me if you think i’m totally down
    the wrong track. It would be greatly appreciated from an esteemed
    blogger such as yourself.But get well soon first!hehe

  5. Even in sickness you make me laugh– “grey underwear”!! VERY descriptive!! Too funny.
    i too had the whole mess of flu/chest cold nastiness, and that’s what i found tragic, too–I COULDN’T READ. My eyeballs hurt too much. And just when i had the perfect excuse to lounge around all day and read.
    Gavin is beautiful! That is a great photo of the little man!! (and he has such fashionable hair, too–)

  6. Sorry you’re not feeling well!  I, too, will pray for a speedy recovery.
    Too bad about Pillars of the Earth.  Had I known you were going to read it, I could have warned you (not because I’ve read it, but I know someone who has and I heard her warn someone else).

  7. I’m sorry you are ill. I will be praying for a speedy recovery. WHAT A CUTE KID! Though I was saved in a Baptist church, I started going to a small more intimate version of a semi-Plymouth Brethren Church and thought that was the way it was supposed to be. I am VERY interested in reading your blog on ice. blessings and hugs from a far. M

  8. You can’t be sick! There are too many people who need the shot in the arm of your daily blogging, doncha know!? I hope you take care of yourself and get better quick. I’ve managed to avoid the flu,  who knows how, since all my classes have been half empty this quarter.I want to hear what you have to say ab/ the PBs too, so I can compare notes. Although, I’m pretty sure PBs in the Midwest probably had a more conservative upbringing than us West Coasters, but I could be wrong. It was pretty dern conservative in MY book!Take care of yourself,Love,Melanie

  9. Praying for your health! We are battling ickies here, too.  I was so glad to have made it through the winter without illness and then wham, it’s been one thing or another for over two weeks.  LOL at the color of the sky being gray underwear.  Glad you liked cerulean!Feel better soon, please!Blessings,Sandy

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