Leaping with Joy

Photos from yesterday’s walk on the penultimate day of February:

After our Long Winter, a 60° day

The glorious color of the sky. What color blue would you call it?

Mt. Emily

Mt. Fanny (sort of)

The trees are budding! More glory to come.


7 thoughts on “Leaping with Joy

  1. Oh, wonderful!  (Big smile on my face)
    I’ve not walked any new spots, so no new photos at my site.  However, we’re hoping to hit the trail tomorrow and survey a couple of acres we own just north of Canton.
    The trees are budding up here and the daffadils are blooming.  We’re sure to have a cold snap or two before Easter.

  2. Yes, yesterday was lovely, but we woke up to a quarter inch of snow this morning! March came in like a powdered sugar donut!

    And like a powdered sugar donut, it won’t last long!

  3. I love visiting these places I’ve never been through photos such as yours. So different from our marine-layer gray suburb. I do enjoy where I live, but I also am thankful when I get to visit my in-laws in rural Coarsegold, CA because it’s such a striking change. By the way, a mountain named “Emily” — that’s cute  Blessings, Laurie

  4. Cassie would call that sky color “cerulean”.  She used that word once in an essay at a co-op class and the teacher told her it was a bit too erudite and she shouldn’t expect her readers to know it.  She was humble with the teacher but indignant with me when telling me about it.  Hmph.  She said that “cerulean” is a crayon color in the Crayola big box and so everyone ought to know it.Beautiful pictures.  We had the warm day on Sunday.  It was lovely….Blessings,Sandy

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