Fine Art Friday – Scottish Cathedrals

St. Ninian’s Cathedral in Perth (Scottish Epsicopal)

Dunkeld Cathedral in Perthshire (Church of Scotland)

I think these are the ruins of Elgin Cathedral.

Dornoch Cathedral (this link is worth checking out), Church of Scotland
during the day (above) & at night (below).  For another post:
I liked when the church was the resting place for the dead.
It reinforces the idea of communion of the saints
and helps us to remember those who have gone before.

This is the ceiling of the octogonal Chapter House at Elgin Cathedral

Dunblane Cathedral, Church of Scotland
The nave of a church is the central approach to the high altar.
It comes from the Latin word navis (ship).
Look at the top of the picture at the vaulting.
Doesn’t that look like the keel of a ship?

These are just a few of the architectural gems
we hope to see in Scotland.
I am eager to learn more about cathedrals,
abbeys, old kirks, manses, and monasteries.
My lips are numb.


13 thoughts on “Fine Art Friday – Scottish Cathedrals

  1. What a wonderful FAF – architecture !!
    I love the majesty of these old cathedrals.  We actually have several worth seeing in the Atlanta area.
    Wondering if you’ve seen the BBC TV series (on DVD too) – Monarch of the Glen?

  2. Magnificent structures — the intricacy and details — that ceiling (oh how my neck would hurt if I were there because I wouldn’t be able to stop looking at the design). Thanks for sharing these — how fun to think that you’ll be sharing your photos of places in Scotland! Blessings, Laurie

  3. Ay-yi-yi!! It’s all I can do not to throw my head back and bark at the moon!Mel, I had never even heard of Pillar of the Earth before three minutes ago.  I immediately checked PaperBackSwap and 479 folks are ahead of me in line requesting it.  I switched to my library and LO!  — they just got it in on audio CD.  41 hours.  I put it on hold.  I was getting distracted listening to Einstein – it didn’t rev me up.  But this!  It makes me want to go plough (Brit spelling!) through the snow even though I’m Ms. Hackinabush right now.  No, that’s not like Madame Shackleton, it means I have a nasty dry cough.I AM SO EXCITED!  thanks.

  4. Well, I could send my paperback….. you need something to read on the trip anyways.
    I’m surprised that you havent read Pillars of the Earth.  I’ve borrowed World Without End from my library.
    I’m becoming increasingly intrigued by your *audio reading*  This seems to be a favored way of reading?  Do you learn or remember better that way?  I assume you are not following along in a written format as well.

  5. Honest, I’ve never *heard* of it.  I was sad to listen to the preface: the author doesn’t believe in God although he was raised in  Plymouth Brethren family (as I was).  Audio books are not my favorite except I can convert time doing chores, cooking, ironing and cleaning into listening time.  If I had a passel of little ones, it wouldn’t be as available.  But Collin is a busy young man, my husband is working a lot of OT, and I can putz and potter and pickup my house while I “read”.  I used to listen to sermons and lectures on CDs much more, also. (I loved Sproul’s long series on philosophy.)  We don’t get any in the mail, but there are podcasts out there which I would benefit from.  I just have to download them.  George Grant, here I come!Our drive to church is 75 minutes.  We usually talk on the way up, talk for about 10 minutes on the way back, and listen to books the rest of the time. It is a nice way to wind down.Sorry about the long answer.I don’t know about the toddy.  Whiskey…..(face screwed up).  I might make one without the alchy-haul.  Thanks for the recipe.

  6. I was looking for a long answer because I am truly intrigued.  Long, solitary car rides is about the only time I do *audio*.  Short drives ?  it’s classical music.  When DH drives, I read and look out the window.  But now I know how you accomplish so much *reading*
    What? no alchy-haul?  Cute spelling.  I know you’re not a tea totaler.  And if your excuse is that you dont like the taste?  Well, hun, this is *medicine* 🙂
    So, do you want my Pillars?

  7. These pictures are so lovely.  I just love old churches (and castles).  Someday I’d love to take a tour of historic churches in No.America & Europe.  When we were in Italy 4 years ago we had to limit our church/museum visits so the kids wouldn’t go into meltdown.You must be getting so excited!

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