God’s Sticky-Notes

We also want to continue throughout the day
expressing gratefulness for the innumerable
manifestations of God’s grace.

It’s as if God is placing sticky-notes in our lives
as daily reminders of His presence and provision.
They’re everywhere.
How alert and perceptive of them are you?
Are you a thankful observer of the
countless indications
of His provision,
His presence,
His kindness,
and His grace?

C. J. Mahaney in Humility: True Greatness


6 thoughts on “God’s Sticky-Notes

  1. Maybe it’s just the place I’m at in my life, but I see God is so many little things in my life these days. I think I take more joy in the things that take me by surprise, rather than the things I actively look for. I wonder if God appreciates? celebrates? that part of our character that searches Him out, or the part that is completely open/surrendered to Him more? Or maybe it depends on the individual….anyway, I love hearing from/seeing Him, either way.

  2. I like your *hot pink Zyrtec* …. sometimes God’s reminders are obvious like that and sometimes they’re not.
    Lord, make me ever mindful of your presence – bright or dull.

  3. I have been trying to be more sensitive to this very thing, though the concept of the sticky notes was different and very clever. I have some hot pink hearts some one gave me. That would work.

  4. I love this “God’s sticky notes” — I’m the type who needs them stuck to my nose so I can’t miss them   Thanks for sharing this excerpt and the reminder that life with our God is always full of grace-filled sticky notes. Blessings, Laurie

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