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What do you think of this checklist? 

I transcribed it from a time management cassette from the library but, alas, didn’t credit the speaker. 

Most days I really like these questions.
But on some days, a list like this Just Makes Me Tired.
Someone I could get feeling pretty ugly smug on the rare, spectacular day in which I could check several off.
Puffed up.  Yay me, ain’t I grand?
I don’t think checklists are the best thing for my spiritual health.   I get sucked into performance-based living.
Checklists are great for groceries, though.

How could you argue with these good things?  Perhaps it’s the aggregate that makes the list daunting. OR, perhaps I’m just a crank.  Hmmm.

Checklist for Day

1.  Did I tell someone I love them?

2.  Did I compliment someone on his work?

3.  Did I read a book?

4. Did I increase my skill?

5.  Did I do something for good health?

6.  Am I closer to my goal than when I woke up this a.m.?

7.  Did I do anything tough or challenging?

8.  Did I do something just for joy?

9.  Have I taken time to reflect?

10.  Have I planned the day tomorrow?

What question would you add, subtract, or substitute from this list? Really, what do you think?

We are preparing to party.  Huge wedding coming up.  I cry at weddings.  The older the bride or groom, the more I cry tears of joy at the kindness of God.  It really is too wonderful.  I have a checklist, don’t ya know, of specific friends who are waiting to make the walk up the aisle.  I pray in faith that God will put a check mark next to some of those names this coming year

Happy New Year, my friends.

One ought, every day at least,
to hear a little song,
read a good poem,
see a fine picture,
and if it were possible,
to speak a few reasonable words.

~ Goethe


8 thoughts on “Checklists

  1. I needed the encouragement of this list – thank you. And the Goethe quote, well, it makes me smile. I will definitely write these down for future use. It has been a somewhat depressing holiday for this single person and any encouragement is appreciated.

  2. Yes, well-worded, Carol.  Plus you reminded me to pack my handkerchief 🙂
    About the questions, I have some mental ones…bible reading, specific prayer, exercise, water, dinner plans.  Those are the ones which make my day go more smoothly…in the long run.
    Planning for tomorrow and the next day is so second nature to me that the challenge for me has been to learn to wait…..tackle each day and the situations it presents.  And learning to ask DH, *what can I do for you today*?
    Goethe puts a nice spin on it, huh?

  3. I like putting in “ugly” for “pretty”.  A good reminder for me.
    This checklist is all past tense, as if by late evening I would have time/mood for checking.  I am a checklist person- until noon.  Somehow the rest of the day slips away, and if I haven’t checked a goal off (or at least set it in motion by getting the kiddos mentally ready for it)…
    I suppose I’d better not include #9 on my checklist, then (take time to reflect)!  Oh, I know!  I would substitute “Did I look to God?” (in light of the sermon at our church yesterday).

  4. I like the checklist the way it is with the exception of #9.  I would agree with R1R2ish that something about the Lord or quiet-time could be included. I love the quote by Goethe.  Its very appropriate for Jan. 1st.Happy New Year!

  5. I like a checklist I saw on another blog a few years back:Today’s Agenda1. Repent.2. Believe the gospel.Everything else worth doing in the Christian life is just a subset of those two things.Keep praying for those check marks. You could even call them “check mates”!

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