In Real Life

The incredulous looks matched the higher pitched tones in the voices.  “You’re kidding, right?”  “It’s kind of like a blind date, isn’t it?”  “That’s kind of scary.” “Wow.” 

These responses followed my excited announcement that my online friend and her family were coming and spending a night with us.  No, we’ve never met; we’ve just read each other’s blog and emailed.  Hey, we talked on the phone last week.  Okay, I’ll grant it that we both took some risks…but there was never any doubt that we would have a jolly good time together. 

Jolly good time….oh my.  It was like we’d been old friends forever. Our husbands had this male bonding thing going on.  There must be a new category of men now: husbands of bloggers.  The kids had a heyday throwing snowballs and taking sled rides in the dark. 

I don’t know what the guys talked about – theology, families, work? – but talk they did.   The women talked about connections: books we’ve read, music, Latin, mutual online friends (which ones we know in real life, etc.), our church situations, our families near and extended, on and on.  

We spoke wistfully of  how much fun it would be to have a reunion gathering of special blog friends.  We discovered that one of my husband’s college roommates attended their wedding.  Who would have guessed?

Di and I stayed up talking into what is normally called the wee hours. Our own circle of quiet included whispered talk in the kitchen trying not to disturb the guys sacked out on the living room floor. We took up the thread again this morning.

And before we were ready to say good-bye, they had to leave.  A happy ache has settled into my heart.  


8 thoughts on “In Real Life

  1. I was just going to say what hiddenart said!!  Sisters indeed.  See, this is just one more reason why I love blogging!  So glad you got a chance to spend a little time together.  May it be the first of many!

  2. Carol, I could have vouched for Diane…she’s been to my house, too! In fact, we live not too far from one another. I’m so glad you got to see each other. I have some online friends I’ve met who are dear to me now, and others I can’t wait to meet!

  3. What cute children and husband your friend has…..oh, those are MY children and MY husband (-:Carol, it truly was a SLICE OF HEAVEN to be with you.  May the Lord weave our paths together again soon.Love to you and your men-folk,DI

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