Simple Pleasures in December

~ Good Words

The First Church’s Christmas Barrel  
by Caroline Abbott Stanley
People!!  Trust me on this one!
It. Is. Excellent.
Free. Download.
Do. It.

A favorite quote from this short story:
[missionary couple talking, husband to wife]

“There isn’t one woman in a hundred that could have managed so well.”

She snuggled up to him. “That pays me–if I needed pay, which I don’t.
It was a work of love and–well, maybe a little necessity.
You told me once that I had a genius for poverty.

And God knows it has had no chance to lie dormant,”
he said bitterly.

~ Good Smells

3 sticks cinnamon – broken, a handful of cloves, a few bay leaves,
sliced orange and sliced lemon
add water and simmer, replenishing water as needed
reheat the next day
and the next…

I have some lemons which are past their prime.
This puts them to perfect use.

~ Good Tastes

A simple, fast, delicious recipe:
Costco meatballs
one jar grape jelly
one bottle Chili sauce

Combine jelly and sauce, heat.
Pour over meatballs and warm them
in oven or crockpot.

I am aging prime rib roast in the fridge, per Cook’s Illustrated and brother Dan.
It dehydrates and forms a crust which I’ll shave off before I cook the meat.
Simple. Scrumptious.
Christmas is the only day of the year that I fix prime rib.
If you are interested, message me and I’ll send you the instructions.

When our hunters get an elk, we make hamburger jerky. Yum!

Have you ever used whole nutmeg?
Here are three whole and one partly-used nutmeg.

You run it across a Microplane Grater / Zester for fresh nutmeg.

Perfect on hot oatmeal, on hot chocolate, hot butternut squash soup,
beef stroganoff, or hot buttered rum!


10 thoughts on “Simple Pleasures in December

  1. Words – I’m downloading the story now.
    Smell – I will try that as I have all the ingredients.
    Tastes – We’re having a standing rib roast aka prime rib, but I’ve never done the aging thing.  Usually we have a tenderloin with green peppercorn sauce.  This year I’m going with horseradish.  We do have a grater like that, but I’ve never tried freshly ground nutmeg.  Now I will šŸ™‚
    I see your pretty dishes.
    Ten days!!

  2. Ooohh, yummy.  I love Prime Rib but I’ve never aged it before.  Hubby likes turkey for Christmas (ick), so I do two things for Christmas dinner.  This year I had a hankering for its turkey and ham at our home this year.  I’ve never had fresh nutmeg and will have to try that someday.

  3. Ooooh! I noticed you are using your “new” Christmas dishes!  Beautiful.  I’m going to check out the story, too.  Bad weather is coming our way, which means we get to STAY HOME AND READ tomorrow.  Yippee!

  4. Yes, I am interested in your recipe, too.  I am planning to use the 500 degree temp method and turn off the oven……so that when we walk in from church?
    Is yours easier than that?

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