Piled High and Running Over

(Adapted from the archives) Photo credit: Danny, my brother (DPH)
[Wait! I’ve never realized how close those initials are to PhD! – weird.]


I’m thankful for the gloaming,

old hymns in minor keys,

Reuben sandwiches and Subaru


For continued forgiveness for
besetting sins;

wood heat, Bach’s Passacaglia

and lavender. 


For long-distance phone calls,

library cards,


and another leaf in our expanding


I’m grateful for a grandson and a
stack of books,

for garlic sizzling in olive oil,

for book-lined walls and long car


French Onion soup,

Sunday feasts,

John Donne’s poetry,

Two Buck Chuck Cabernet Sauvignon,

toddler laughter and uninterrupted


Truth, beauty and goodness,

goodness and mercy,

mercy and grace. 


I’m grateful for Google,

down comforters and

freedom from


I praise God for King’s College Choir,

Vaughn Williams

and psalms from the


For manly hugs and kisses,

hand-knit socks,

alliteration and Carl



promises kept and

the book of Ecclesiastes.


Extended family,

the piano,
lingering meals.

The scent of simmering spiced citrus,

speech, and

Billy Collin’s poems,

Wendell Berry’s short stories,

extra sharp cheddar cheese,

Amazon.com boxes.


Pesto, bubble wrap, smiles that
light up the whole face,

Naan, chai, and good drinking


I wonder at the connections,

on the web and face to face,

for quotes, for thoughts, for book reviews,

for the shallows and the deeps,

PaperBackSwap, Anthony Trollope

Jacques Barzun, and Susan Allen Toth.


I’m thankful for the death of death,

for mingled tears,

For temporary sighs and sorrow

the hope of the future.


Cobb salad, Athanasius, rustic bread.

Independent sons, reading evenings,
growing families.


I give thanks for 100% cotton,
loving rebukes,

Laughter in the morning and southern


For nostrils, fingernails and belly

for DSL, clematis, and airplane

different cultures and customs,


and for the Lord God who made them all.

“Oh give thanks
unto the Lord, for He is good.  His mercy endures

9 thoughts on “Piled High and Running Over

  1. I am so thankful that I dropped by today during lunch — but oh how I wish we could be friends in person because I just had one of those “You love Carl Larsson too?!” moments.  

  2. Merry Christmas, Carol!I want to thank YOU for sharing your favorite Christmas music this year, Liz Story’s “The Gift.” I ordered and received it yesterday and just put it on for the first time in my CD player in my classroom. (I’m here early to wind up the last day of exams before break.) The music is absolutely beautiful. Just beautiful. I cannot wait to share this with my daughter who plays gloriously. She will love it. And to share it with some teacher-friends today. Thank you so much for sharing, my long-away friend. Guess what is playing right now? One of our favorites, “In the Bleak Midwinter.”  Lovely. Heavenly.Janie

  3. Beautiful.  I love your list and your tastes. I came here today to check for your recent post about My Antonia was blessed by this post.A blessed Merry Christmas, dear blog-sister.Sandy

  4. I remember reading this when I first started blogging (November 2006) and it touched me so deeply.  I’m glad you brought it out again.  You are a gifted wordsmith, Carol. I have learned much from you.

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