Peploe, A Scottish Artist

A Rocky Shore, Iona  by Samuel John Peploe

In Alexander McCall Smith’s book 44 Scotland Street a painting in a gallery is suspected of being a Peploe.  I’d never heard of the chap (I’m working on my British idioms), so I looked him up.  Peploe (1871-1935) was in a group of artists called the Scottish Colourists.

Still Life: Apples and Jar, c.1912-1916

Peploe is noted for his still lifes.

“In Kirkcudbright one either fishes or paints.”
Dorothy L. Sayers in The Five Red Herrings

Here are two Kirkcudbright paintings by Peploe.
The lower one reminds me of Edward Hopper.

My first thought when I saw some of Peploe’s works was
“Here is a modern art which I like.”

And if nothing else, Peploe is a wonderful word to say aloud.
Peploe, Peploe, Peploe.
Happy Friday!


8 thoughts on “Peploe, A Scottish Artist

  1. Peploe’s work is truly striking — I had not seen his paintings before! I also love Edward Hopper’s paintings. I had the opportunity to see the special Hopper exhibit at the Boston Museum of Fine Art — absolutely incredible how he evokes so much story in a painting of a single moment!

  2. Was the “Rocky Shore” one of his earlier works?  It does stand out in a different style from the rest.  The others look cubistic to me~~and very eye pleasing. Thanks for introducing me to a new artist.Poiema

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