Snoring = Sleeping With Enthusiasm

“My grandma always said that people who snored
were sleeping with enthusiasm.”

       ~ Jenna Boller in Rules of the Road by Joan Bauer.

I’ve been immersed in a genre that I rarely read: Young Adult Fiction. 
This book is one of the best of that bunch. 
Joan Bauer is a new favorite author of mine.

Jenna Boller is five-foot-eleven-inch, sixteen-year girl.  Living with an alchoholic father has made Jenna, the oldest daughter, strong and resilient.  “I was always cleaning up after him.”  The combination of a flourishing work ethic and good training has made her a valued sales associate at Gladstone’s Shoe Store.  Mrs. Gladstone, the opinionated seventy-three year old owner of a well-respected chain of shoe stores, hires Jenna to drive her from Chicago to Dallas.  Along the way they visit shoe stores, Mrs. Gladstone upfront as the owner and Jenna as a secret shopper/spy.

The Shoe Warehouse wants to buy Gladstone’s stores, substituting plastic for leather, inflating the bottom line but decreasing quality, omitting service, and changing the mission from “great shoes at fair prices” to “decent shoes at warehouse prices.” 

There is a buoyancy in Bauer’s writing, an innate but subtle humor which saturates every chapter.  That’s why I’ll be hunting more of her books.

“And now, young woman, how much experience have you had driving in storms?”  ~ “Not much, ma’am.”  I opened the back door for her and watched her get in. “Unless you’re talking metaphorically,” I added, “and then I’m a total ace.” p. 47

Two Golden Sales Rules:

1) Care about people more than what you’re selling.
2) Never miss a good opportunity to shut up. p. 150

You know you’ve been with old people too long
when you can pick out the subtle differences between
Count Basie’s and Duke Ellington’s piano playing. p.115

For too long we just let Dad’s drinking go by without anyone
saying anything much about it, calling it a little problem.
You’ve got to call a thing by its full name and that’s what
lets the truth out where it can get some fresh air. p.84

“You just remember, never go punching
a man who’s chewing tobacco.”



4 thoughts on “Snoring = Sleeping With Enthusiasm

  1. That reminds me – Natalie and I both just read a YA novel called Rules by Cynthia Lord. I think it’s designated YA because it deals with autism, but it doesn’t have any objectionable material. I read it first, then had Nan read it – and we both loved it.

  2. My mother the librarian suggested Winter Dance, about the Ididerod or however that is.  The YA is with the children’s section in our library, so I have lots of opportunities to enjoy it, after perusing the picture books.

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