The Very Best Day

Sunday, the Lord’s Day, has become the very best day of my week.  At the beginning of the week I look back at the previous one and remember; towards the end of the week I look forward in anticipation.  It is the tent post which anchors the flapping canvas of my life. 

The sermon this week was on Micah 6:8 and the three things the Lord requires: to do justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God.  Our pastor quoted Jeremy Taylor who said, “God threatens terrible things if we won’t be happy.”  Are you familiar with Jeremy Taylor?  I recognize his name only from quotes I’ve seen.

After services our people migrated to a restaurant which has closed until the tourists come back in May.  We got to eat all their incredible leftovers: filet mignon, salmon, stuffed portobello mushrooms.  We brought fresh salads, breads and desserts.  We had our niece, Lea, with us for the day; Lea and I took turns snapping pictures of the beautiful surroundings.  The restaurant sits by the rim of a deep canyon.





4 thoughts on “The Very Best Day

  1. Making Sundays special…..that’s the rhythm I seek.  Anticipation, build-up, worship = denouement and rest.
    Beautiful photos of an enticing setting.
    Dana in GA
    PS We’re working through Thessalonians.  Great, practical stuff.

  2. Carol,You look great in that picture, Carol.  Sounds like you had a wonderful Lord’s day.  The other pictures are also very good.  I love that red tree/bush.  Beautiful.Blessings,Sandy

  3. Oh, it sounds so nice!  And that Micah verse is one of my very favorites.  In the times when I’ve been most confused, upset, hurt, not knowing what to do, this verse was recommended to me by my counselor.  God couldn’t make it any simpler, could He?Gorgeous scenery!

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