Remembering Plum

P.G. Wodehouse, born October 15, 1881

What would life be without Wodehouse?  Such a funny, funny man.  I’ve said it before – I’m quite thankful for Jeeves and Wooster (two of his main characters), especially for all the literary allusions and quotes in their dialog. “Getting” the references is one of the joys of a reading life.

Here’s some fun interplay between P.G. Wodehouse and Dorothy Sayers which my son recently found:

“Pardon me, my lord, the possibility had already presented itself to my mind.”
“It had?”
“Yes, my lord.”
“Do you never overlook anything, Bunter?”
“I endeavor to give satisfaction, my lord.”
“Well, then, don’t talk like Jeeves.  It irritates me.”
                ~ Lord Peter Wimsey and Bunter in  Strong Poison by Dorothy L. Sayers

~     ~     ~

“Well, you perfect chump,” cried Nobby, “don’t you know that that dishes him?  Haven’t you ever read any detective stories?  Ask Lord Peter Wimsey what an alibi amounts to.”
                ~  Zenobia “Nobby” Hopwood in Jeeves in the Morning by P.G. Wodehouse

~     ~     ~

“What’s his name?”
“Where’s he from?”
“Hankie doesn’t know.  But Miss Meteyard’s seen him.  She says he’s like Bertie Wooster in horn-rims.”
                ~  Mr. Jones in Murder Must Advertise by Dorothy L. Sayers

9 thoughts on “Remembering Plum

  1. The most I can say is that I own a compendium of Sayers’ stories.  Sufficiently embarassed, I now promise to read one and report back….soon :/
    ‘Cause I wanna *get* the references.

  2. I read Wimsey before I was reading Jeeves so I think the references must have gone over my head.  Someday I want to re-visit Lord Peter, but the last time I tried it was just too soon.Love Wodehouse and even got my BIL hooked.  He now reads the Daily Wodehouse quotes and sometimes passes the gems onto me.

  3. I have to confess that I’ve never read a Jeeves And Wooster story.  I started out reading Wodehouse choosing the earliest title the library had.  My favorite is “The Swoop”.  Love Among the Chickens was pretty funny, too.

  4. Sadly I have still to read Wodehouse. Happily I have read every Lord Peter there ever was! Sayers is quite a Christian lady. P.G. here I come! Thanks for the inspiration! Love and blessings, m in sc

  5. Oh, Carol.  It’s so good to know of his birthday!  I love those quotes — we’ve found them and laughed.My Madelaine has told me recently, “I think I’m supposed to be ‘getting’ Wodehouse because of a classical education, but I’m actually ‘getting’ my classical education because of reading Wodehouse!”  I think that is just grand.Happy Tuesday,Diane

  6. I was surprised when a student of mine began spouting Wodehouse Monday after your jaunt to RimRock…13yo E.R. asked for a whisky and soda (or some other strong spirits), ala Wodehouse and my head snapped around, “E. what are you saying that for…especially at school?” He replied, “Youv”e read Jeeves and Wooster, you know what whiskey and water (whatever) is, don’t you, Mrs. B?” ” Of course, but we don’t discuss it here, surely…”
    I’m continually amazed at these kids…their knowledge of various authors texts is truely amazing! One day it is Tolkein, the next a whole scene from Wodehouse, verbatim…I almost expect Hugh Laury to come through the door! I love it!

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