Cheerfulness as a Weapon

Wondrous is the strength of cheerfulness, altogether past calculation in its power of endurance       Carlyle (quoted by PoiemaPortfolio)

She could do that.  She could infect a whole house with gaiety and she used her gift as a weapon against the despondency that lurked always around outside the house waiting to get in at Tom.              John Steinbeck in Cannery Row

That is how she seems to take life: no suspecting of motives: looking for, therefore perhaps finding, kindness on every side.            O. Douglas in Penny Plain

 In spite of her losses, Nancy Beechum Feltner was not a frightened woman, as her son would learn. He would learn also that she was a woman of practical good sense and strong cheerfulness.  She knew the world was risky and that she must risk her surviving child to it as she had risked the others, and when the time came she straightforwardly did so.          Wendell Berry in That Distant Land


6 thoughts on “Cheerfulness as a Weapon

  1. Responding to your comment: more time when you are older??? You can forget that one right now. Do not expect it and then you won’t be disappointed. And you can guess how I know that. Discipline? When you retire you will probably have the feeling that, to some extent anyway, you do as you please for a change. Of course it doesn’t work out that way. You hopefully still have a spouse to please ( I did, then) children to consider even though they are grown by that time, grandchildren … need I elaborate further?

  2. Now to comment on your post above: the trait of cheerfulness is always noted by others. I immediately thought of a friend I spoke to at the CWC Luncheon yesterday. Her cheerfulness is so noticeable that not only I but others commented on it. Always smiling, always positive. I haven’t had enough personal contact with her recently to know what challenges she may be facing, but there have to be some – she is a realtor! But one would never guess from talking to her.

  3. Love your quotes and the use of *weaponry*
    Hmmm, where shall we place this one with the rest of the armor of God?  We have a belt, bullet-proof vest, headgear, good shoes, a shield, a sword…..
    Would pepper spray work?  giggle
    Granade sounds like overkill.
    At any rate, I like your analogy.
    Blessings fm GA,Dana 

  4. Cheerfulness is not a word you hear very often~ could it be almost old-fashioned? I loved your collection of quotes on the subject, especially Steinbeck’s…her gaiety was a weapon that defeated despondency. That’s one to take with me through the day.

  5. LOL Carol. Mom was like this. Used to drive me nuts that she always had a smile and a cheerful attitude when all I wanted to see was doom and gloom, because that is what was most visible on the horizon. Mom was determinedly cheerful; she didn’t use it as a weapon so much as a shield. An offensive shield, not always a defensive shield, but more a shield than a spear.

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