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Anticipation, where have you gone? 

When I was young I received a hardbound Little House in the Big Woods for my birthday.  That year at Christmas I was given Little House on the Prairie. The following birthday brought Farmer Boy.  You get the point.  The anticipation was delicious.  I treasured each book because it came with a waiting period.

I’m convinced that a major component in the excitement over the final Harry Potter book is the fact that, finally!, people had to wait for something they wanted.  Tension increased as the publication date approached.  And there was a thrill in that taut expectation that replaced the typical torpor, boredom and apathy. 

This applies across the board to all our appetites:  food, drink, sex, entertainment, travel. 

It all tastes better when you are hungry.  


5 thoughts on “Anticipation

  1. Amen, sister!
    Thankfully, I can still get hungry….but only by going on a diet and/or exercising more.
    So perhaps, withdrawal of the pleasure is not the only way to increase anticipation.
    Would that be expending more effort?
    Dana in GA

  2. The Spanish say, “El hambre is la salsa mejor”- “Hunger is the best sauce”.
    At my house, we are hungry for “National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets” (opening December 21) and “Prince Caspian” (due in 2008!!).  If your hunger is emotional, do you burn off emotional fat as you wait? 😉

  3. Funny you should mention the last Harry Potter book.  I had to beg my youngest daughter to loan me her copy, with the promise I’d give it back in less than 3 months.  When DD #1 delivered it, though, it was chewed up badly in 3 different spots.  What on earth? my face said.  And #1 explained, laughing, “Her new puppy got ahold of it.”  It seems the puppy ONLY likes chewing up Gracie’s things….At any rate, I put a stretchy bookcover on it that I got at WalMart for $.50.  It looks a lot more presentable now!

  4. So true. I hadn’t thought about the gift of anticipation until we became Orthodox. One of the side benefits of the discipline of fasting is the anticipation of the Feast Day. You would not believe how excited my kids were that Easter was coming. The joy of that day is palpable within the whole church.

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