Friday’s Stuff

Snap the Whip   ~ Winslow Homer
Winslow Homer is a wonderful go-to artist for Fine Art Friday.

It is better to keep quiet and be real,
than to chatter and be unreal.
It is a good thing to teach if, that is,
the teacher practices what he preaches.

~  Ignatius of Antioch

Magistra’s Dictionary:

i • ro • ny:  deer (pl) frolicking in our front yard
while men pack for hunting trip this weekend.

con • viv • i • al • i • ty: a girlfriend weekend with Mel

I’m headed to Boise to collect her from the airport. 
And shop. And talk.  But our chatter will be *real*. <grin>
Y’all have a great weekend. 
(In heaven I’m going to be a southern girl.)


6 thoughts on “Friday’s Stuff

  1. This is very funny .I have been putting together new notebooks for my children this week. I use white notebooks with clear plastic to slip in a picture for them (mounted on “pretty” paper). For two of my children I picked a Winslow Homer painting: “Breezing Up” for my son and “The Butterfly Girl” for my daughter. We’ve got to stop meeting this way!

  2. And in heaven, Carol Smutz is going to ask the Father for hair like our daughter Sarah’s hair… She’s a southern girl and she would say it like this, “Hohney, When I get to heaven, I’m gonna ask God for hayer just laike yorrs!”

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