Childhood Memories

One of my favorite childhood shots of my husband, on his birthday

I have two short quotes for you today.  One is from Amy’s Humble Musings

“Have you ever seen an old, candid snapshot of kids? The couch is all
ratty. There are brown-paneled walls in the background. The table is
covered in junk. But they’re all smiling and some of them are missing
teeth. The glimmers in their eyes blind them to the green shag carpet.
Maybe you’ve seen some of those pictures too. Good times. That’s the
stuff of life.”

The other is from Life is So Good by George Dawson and Richard Glaubman. Highlights are mine.

“Junior, what do you remember about growing up in this family?  What do you remember about your father?”

“Oh, we was always close.  He took me fishing.”

“Tell me about that.”

“Well, Daddy would wake me about four in the morning.  It was still dark then, but we would go down to the lake.  It was about two miles away; but a lot of times we would walk there.  We always caught fish too.  When he wasn’t off to work he took me everywhere, just the two of us.:”

Richard said, “That sounds nice, but there were a lot of children in your family.”

“That’s right,” Junior said.  “Thing is that Darrell, my only brother, wasn’t born till several years after me.  The girls would do things with my mother and I went with my father.  That’s how things were done then.  For me and my brother and sisters, our childhood was great.  Richard, if I could, I would give you the experience of my childhood as a gift.  It was that wonderful for me.”

“But from what I have heard, your family was very poor.  You would definitely have been below the poverty level.”

“You’re right about that.  Most of my childhood, Daddy had to work two jobs so we could get by. Still, if the Good Humor man came by after a payday, we would all of us get a nickel to get an ice cream.  I still remember the excitement with that.  We had all we needed and then some.  There was no one that told us we were poor and I guess we just didn’t know better.”

6 thoughts on “Childhood Memories

  1. “There was no one that told us we were poor and I guess we just didn’t know better.” WOW. If money solved it our headlines would look a lot different, wouldn’t they?Good reminder.Diane

  2. My Mom told me that her Dad always told them that because of their family they were wealthy people.Mom never felt poor.  They had a vegetable garden and a hog always waiting to be butchered.  Mom’s Idaho bedroom was a tent on a woodfloor ( wood which went part way up with canvas topping and a door to the path out back.

  3. That first quote sounds just like the house I grew up in. We had all that we needed, but the paneling was dark, the carpet an old harvest gold concoction, and we do have pictures of us grinning, toothless, on the ratty couch munching on popcorn–happy as larks!

  4. I have a friend from the phillipeans ( I know i slaughtered that word) but anyways she said that when she lived there they were so happy, but they had nothing, they even had to collect water when it rained with a big container on the roof so that they could have something to drink. And then she moved to America and she said that now she has all of these clothes and a nice house but  she is depressed and miserable here, she constantly longs to go back there but does not want to give up the oppertunity of living here.
    Like how most women feel, it’s not about the gift but the thought that goes with it

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